3 things I love about this project

Kitchen and dining room design: Three things I love about this job
Photo from Chaunte Vaughn | Created by Meta Coleman

This is the second installment of a new feature on Wit & Delight that I’m highlighting favorite My house comes across all month and exactly what I love about it (read the first plan here!). This month, I’m highlighting something awesome kitchen and dining room design projects by designer Meta Coleman.

Meta shares photos of this project this month on Instagram. I did it twice this before photo (scroll right to the second slide!) Because it’s almost impossible to recognize it as the same hole pictured here. The only architectural feature I can recognize among these photos is the recessed corner window. Meta completely changed this space in the best way. I hope you love it as much as I do.

These are my three favorite things about kitchens and dining rooms.

1. An unexpected explanation

These master bedroom designs are a study in detail, and how even the smallest choices can contribute so much to the finished product is remarkable. I’m a big fan of complex designs and I think Meta does this type of design very well.

There are so many details to love in this space – the scalloped border on the open space, the artwork on the fridge and freezer, and the pops of green on the wooden drawers and headboard, to name a few. and how many. I also love how the window in the dining room is surrounded by a tile border; So this is a reminder of what you would find in an Italian country kitchen. It’s clear that a lot of care and skill was put into each decision.

The sheer number of materials, textures, and patterns included is beyond what I see in most kitchens. The way everything is distributed is a great lesson in how to put more light and depth in a space.

Kitchen and dining room design: Three things I love about this job

2. The yellow restaurant

Meta incorporated the owners’ favorite mustard color into the design in a big way. I love how sweet and bright the dining room is, I think the addition of a small table to set and pull things is really nice. It would be an absolute dream to have this great opportunity for security.

3. Use of Floor Tiles

I hope that using floor to ceiling tiles in the kitchen and dining area makes you feel like you are wrapped up in warmth. It’s a rarely used tile effect – but this isn’t your tile job. In the dining area, the tile pattern is subtle and gives a modern twist to the classic interior.

I could go on. What about this space makes it unique in your opinion?

To see more pictures of kitchen and dining room design projects, visit it Meta’s website. And be sure to follow Meta on Instagram if you haven’t already!

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