5 ways to bring joy to the bedroom

When I enter the house of almost all my friends, I immediately understand who they are. Their space is personal, inviting and joyful, all in a way that is unique to them. I think this is the main reason why we care about how our house looks influence including how they look.

I wanted to explore what it is exactly that makes these homes so happy, both for residents and visitors like myself. These are some of the creative things I have come across that make a home happy.

5 Things that bring joy to the bedroom

1. Color

One frame is in poppy red. Bright pillows. Plumbing is different from bedding. Beautiful homes don’t always mean beautiful walls! There’s something about pops of color — even when used in small pops of color in a room — that brings a particularly joyful element to any space.

2. Standards

Even in the quietest spaces, there are patterns. It may be subtle or by nature, but it is there. Even for the little ones, combining bold lines with thin grids and different colors brings the game to mind!

3. Painting

When it comes to art, whatever you choose will appeal to you or, at least, make you influence something. I think that is the only requirement that is important in the end. Play with numbers, consider the context where you will see it in the home, and try to avoid choosing pieces that are just for decoration or wallpaper.

4. The unexpected

These can be anything, really. Some ideas: handmade pottery, cool rocks, souvenirs from travels, disco balls, book covers, or sculptures. If you like it and wonder if it makes sense in the room – especially when the answer to people’s thoughts may be “no” – keep it there for a while. Over time, you will know whether you want to keep it in the space or try to style it somewhere else in a different way.

5. Books

Books are great conversation starters and look great stacked on a side table or coffee table, or carefully arranged in a bookcase. You can find interesting and affordable coffee table books at flea markets and thrift stores! Choose the ones you like.

This post is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the science behind joy and why it is important in design. If you want to dive deeper, I recommend reading the book Rejoicing by Ingrid Fetell Look!

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