8 best crystals for Aquarius nature and innovation

Aquarius (January 20-February 18) is the sign of the new year, of breaking with strict traditions and the old guard in favor of unlimited future opportunities. Here are some of our favorite crystals for Aquarius, perfect for any time you feel the need to bring more purpose, connection, and visionary energy into your life. Because they are connected to the upper chakras of the third eye and the crown, these crystals support creativity, clear perception, and expansive vision.

Crystal for Aquarius

Best crystal for Aquarius

Aquarians are more concerned about innovation, renewal and change than they are about adapting to the way things are. Community management, creative thinking, thinking outside the box, and being able to work with a strong focus and independence are all important strengths for Aquarians. They are also excellent team leaders, networkers, and organizers.

Something: Air

Mark: Water carrier

The ruler of the world: Uranus

The authorities: The eleventh house of astrology, of networks, connections, communities, and associations

If you have any planets in Aquarius, you can see these qualities playing a role in your life. Even if you’re not an Aquarian sun sign, their season is the time of year when we can all review our vision for the future, let go of past attachments, invest in ourselves and where we want our lives to go, and take a chance. and great change.

Whether we’re trying to bring more of this Aquarian vibe into our lives or trying to improve it, working with crystals (and essential oils) is a good way to match these energies.

Crystal for Aquarius nature and compatibility

Fantasy, rebellion and the unexpectedAquarians can bring an element of excitement into even a stuck situation. Uranus, planet of change, giving them the ability to depend on where things are going without sticking to where they have been. They are looking for movement, excitement, and the next big thing.

Communication, thinking, and common sense are all strengths of this sign. And although the mind-controllers can feel a little clinical and cold at times, the social consciousness that connects them to the 11th house of astrology means that much of this mental energy is sought after. power towards people, makes our experience with something, and sometimes even bright. social change.

Try these crystals to enhance your Aquarius energy gender and connection:

1. Amethyst

One of the best crystals to align with the crown chakra and energy of the air is amethyst. It is used as a healing crystal to balance balance and to increase spiritual awareness, understanding, and psychic abilities, which makes amethyst a powerful stone for the Aquarius season.

Using: Carry it whenever you want to feel calm and organized and open to your higher self.

2. Angelite

Angelite is another beautiful crystal for enhancing spiritual awareness and feelings of connection in life. It is also used in crystal healing to reduce stress and anxiety, which is a mirror image of the air sign mind.

Using: Wear angelite whenever your brain needs calm and clarity, or place it on the body (or on the crown of the head) during meditation.

3. Celestite

This deep blue crystal is associated with the upper chakras and helps promote deeper understanding, higher understanding, and mindfulness. Celestite is the perfect complement to the broad mind of Aquarians and helps them work with observation, thinking, and understanding.

Using: If possible, wear celestite close to the head, as an earring or pendant, or even put it in the middle of your hat!

4. Selenite

Selenite is a powerful cleansing crystal that helps clear your energy and keep your vibration high and bright. Like the other crystals listed above, it is a great choice for upper chakra work and can help Aquarians find peace, tranquility and clarity, express new ideas, and tap into the distant reaches of their higher consciousness.

Using: Place a selenite tower (alone or among other crystals) in your office or in any other room where you spend deep time in thought or meditation to increase energy and fill your space.

Crystal for Aquarius Mindfulness and Transformation

Aquarians, like any sign, also have some shadow qualities that can cause them obstacles or challenges. As a fixed sign, they can be stubbornness and contribute their own ideas or solutions to problems.

Change isn’t exactly their strong suit, so meditation and mindful practice can help them get out of expectations and meet the world where it is. They may also struggle with the current situation, finding more comfort in the “black sheep” area.

Although represented by a water carrier. Aquarius is an air sign, which means that they both rule and have the power of air—the realm of the intellect and the mind. Their high air pressure can cause them to appear cold or cloudy.

It is very important for Aquarians to try to balance their brain power with the body and the heart. Their role is to try and evaluate the feelings of others, to be interested in other people’s input and ideas, and to let others take the lead sometimes.

For any Aquarian who feels drained or out of control of their strong Uranian energy, try these crystals too. balance support by bringing some water and earth elemental energy, a welcome salve for anyone caught in their heads!

Smoky Quartz for Aquarius

5. Smoky quartz

Those who spend a lot of time in the realm of ethereal thoughts can use a little more grounding, and smoky quartz is one of the best choices for the amount of grounding energy. Since it is associated with the root chakra, this stone helps Aquarians take root and provides a strong foundation to help support their future expansion. Smoky quartz can help us feel strong and stable, like a rope and a ground.

Using: This is a great crystal to carry in your pocket as it aligns with the lower back chakras. Hold it in your hand whenever you feel overwhelmed and need a reminder that your feet are well planted.

6. Rose quartz

The energy of the air is strong, but when the rational mind is strong, it can sometimes cut off the energy of the heart, leading us to be perceived as withdrawn or cold. Rose quartz is a beautiful crystal that directs the heart’s vibrations online every time it is taken, it helps even the brain to go into deeper feelings for oneself and others, gentleness, gentleness, and compassion.

Using: Wear this crystal as a pendant or in a shirt pocket to keep it close to the heart cavity when more emotions are called upon.

7. Hematite

A powerful crystal that is often used to ward off negativity and protect the aura, hematite is a good choice for Aquarians who want to dig deep and find the courage, strength and energy to support their thirst for chaos and change. It is also very relaxing and helps to strengthen the muscles and the power to fly.

For Aquarians in leadership positions who may be bringing new ideas or breaking tradition, hematite will help protect them from negative energy and give them much-needed confidence. to make bold progress forward.

Using: Carry hematite in your pocket or purse, or wear it as jewelry. I love to wear a hematite ring, but when it finally falls off after spending all it can handle, I replace it with another one.

8. Red carnelian

Sunstone is used to work on the area of ​​the lower three chakras and can help with self-esteem, creativity, courage and confidence. As Aquarians are associated with the 11th house of astrology, of associations and alliances, this stone is useful for human support.

It is said to encourage social interaction and provide courage to help us overcome obstacles so that we can be outgoing and positive. Friendship is key whenever we want to work with others or lead others, and red carnelian is one of the best crystals to use as we rely on the perfect world of networking.

Using: Wear carnelian as jewelry (bracelets, pendants, rings), or carry it in your pocket to keep it close to the body.

Whether you’re a trailblazing Aquarian, affected by Aquarian energy in other areas of your astro chart, or looking to tune in to the energy of their time, give these crystals a try and see if you notice any changes. powerful. Have you ever tried working with crystals before? There is no better time for that than when the Sun is in Aquarius!

Crystal for Aquarius


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