9 must have crystals for Capricorns to learn how to light

Capricorn (December 22-January 19) is the sign that ushers in each new year. Like the zodiac sign, goats, Capricorns have no inhibitions. They put their heads on their goals and keep climbing, one step at a time, delaying gratification for what they know will eventually be a sweet reward.

Understanding Capricorns

With a vision of success and success, Capricorns can be very self-motivated goals. They are associated with the 10th house of astrology (work and social status) and can apply a a big part of their identity and their work and how to do it well or show it to others.

Each sign in the zodiac has some character associated with it that can be considered a strength. In the case of Capricorn, these can be Energy, strength, motivation, direction, stability, and value.

And each sign carries a few other qualities that can be considered weak – Capricorns can be active and can compete, materialism, restriction, and tunnel vision. Because they are ruled by the ruler Saturn, Capricorns can sometimes be useful, strong, and law-abiding to the limit.

Learning how to lighten the light, leave a white finger on their earnings, and leave room for spontaneity and play in their lives can do wonders for their work/life and their lives.

Capricorn crystal + essential oil

If you’re looking for a lighter and fresher way to play with the power of your zodiac sign, you might want to try applying some. essential oils support astro in your daily self-care routine or learning how to use crystals to balance your horoscope.or the moon or the rising sign, for that matter!)

Want to work with crystals but don’t know what to do? This is a lead and the essence of crystal healingand one on how to clean and pay them to get you started.

9 best crystals for Capricorn sign

To enhance, work, or work in harmony with the beneficial energy of Capricorn, go for red, brown, and black stones. Try the following:

1. Garnet

This is the most popular birthstone of Capricorn babies and a strong choice for earth energy, the root-chakra.

How to use: When you are looking for more confidence, inner strength, security, stability, and perhaps the added bonus of success and social acceptance. wearing a garnet crystal to help keep you on your A game.

2. The eyes of a tiger

Capricorns are known to be stable, reliable leaders – thanks, in part, to the fact that they are a cardinal sign. With Saturn behind them, they also have the great power of a leader, skilled at discriminating, doing whatever it takes to defeat their goals.

How to use: Tiger’s eye is one of the best stones for discovering your inner strength to lead confidently and find your inner beast. Keep it in your pocket for important meetings and presentations.

3. Malachite

Although not an “earth” color, the beautiful emerald-green crystal is a relatively unknown birthstone for Capricorn. It is used to attract wealth and prosperity, and to seek protection from danger.

How to use: Financial success and stability are great motivations for this sign, and for each of us approaching the new year with plans to work hard, save more, and invest for the future, Malachite may be the only stone to put in your pocket.

Pyrite and Black Tourmaline for Capricorns

4. Pyrite

For increasing focus, improving productivity, and attracting abundance (three of Capricorn’s strengths), pyrite is a great choice. Such as Forbes magazine said“If the life coach was a crystal, it would be pyrite.”

How to use: Keep the pyrite on your table, as it will also give EMF protection for those long hours you’ll no doubt spend on your screen… it’s Capricorn we’re talking about here!

5. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is one of the most grounding and protective crystals out there. It works with energy, the foundation of the earth’s energy of the root chakra and will help to penetrate any negativity sent your way as you climb the ladder of success. Know the line, “new level, new devil”?

How to use: Wearing this stone will help keep the weight of the naysayers and naysayers behind you so you can relax and stay focused on your burn.

Capricorn crystal balances energy

To balance the Saturnian energy of Capricorn and encourage a gentle, intuitive and flexible energy, reach for a white, yellow or blue stone of the upper chakras. Try using these:

6. Angelite

Ah, just a name an angel feeling soft and calm, and a gray-blue stone may be the only thing Capricorns need to get rid of together. It can also help with the spiritual awareness of the seventh chakra, helping you to be more alert and connected to the beauty of life around you.

How to use: When stubbornness or the drive to succeed takes over, it may be time to be quiet and engage in more subtle conversations of your own direction and understanding. Keep it close while you meditate or take a relaxing bath.

7. Rose Quartz

The sweet, gentle healing energy of rose quartz is a must-have for any healing crystal collection, but it’s especially helpful for those of us, like Capricorns, who can be cautious and push ourselves to the limit to achieve perfection.

How to use: Keep it near your bedside table or put it in your bra. It’s like a warm hug, “take it easy,” and a reminder that it’s okay to be soft and vulnerable sometimes.

Capricorn Amethyst and Celestite crystals

8. Amethyst

Capricorns are not known for moderation, although the hunted nature can help them to move forward, it can also lead to fatigue and exhaustion. They are great, bright leaders who go above and beyond to achieve whatever they set their minds to. Think hard-or-nothing, fasting, cleansing, or dry January at one end and all-nighters, marathon training, and 30-day challenges at the other.

How to use: Amethyst is a beautiful crystal for any time we are drawn to extremes and needs anger. It could be a balm for the Caps who realize it’s time to find a pattern and balance for longevity.

9. Celestite

This soft, gray-blue stone is associated with the upper chakras and helps people like Capricorns who root to awaken their inner wisdom and understanding. Celestite is thought to reduce mental stress, anxiety, and depression and aid in sleep.

How to use: If insomnia or work-related restlessness is an issue at bedtime, try keeping this crystal next to your bed. It is also said that it will help a person to find balance and confidence in communication, which is a desirable skill of any team leader.

Best crystal for Capricorns

Whether you’re a Capricorn or you’re looking to boost your personal, creative energy during Capricorn season, try working with a few of these stones and see where it takes you. you. Do you use crystals to help you with work / career / reputation? Let us know your success stones and how you use them to progress!



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