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Mediangr.ng is the first and largest digital newspaper for the norther, southern, eastern and western region of Nigeria, where people get the latest News, how to guides, do it yourself (DIY) guides, and creative contents.

Mediangr.ng seeks to build a good relationship with readers by providing them with fresh content everyday using its resources. We are committed to deliver unbiased news that is both locally sourced and globally relevant- covering world events from an African perspective to help keep our audiences informed about what’s happening in their rapidly changing world!

It all started with a belief that there should be a medium for Nigerians living in various corners of the globe to have access to timely information about what’s happening in their country. Mediangr offers insightful and incisive perspectives on matters that concern our country, continent and the world at large – tackling socio-political issues like corruption, human rights, economic development, governance and others head on; bringing you local stories from around Nigeria and Africa; international news from top media brands across the globe; as well as interesting insights into Nigerian culture including music and arts.

We started working in January 2022 with an aim to provide the real-time breaking news stories, encouraging the reader to adopt good practices in their day-to-day life habits. We wanted to bridge the gap between our readers and the events that shape their world.

It all started in 2022 when two friends got together to create a website where people could get the latest news and important updates in our busy lives. After months of hard work, dedication and hours of brainstorming it finally became what we today call Mediangr.ng

We work with various professionals from different fields to provide authentic, timely and relevant content on global issues.

Mediangr.ng is a platform where you can find information on everything you need to know on health, fashion, education and so much more.

Having grown up in Nigeria as a journalist, I saw firsthand how limited contact people had with what was happening in other parts of the world. Nigerian people were more likely to depend on others for information about issues like how they were going to vote or what the current situation of the economy is.

This blog has been created with the aim of providing real-time breaking news stories and encouraging readers to adopt healthy habits in their day-to-day lives.

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