ABT Develops Solar Module System To Extend Range On VW ID. Buzz

Vehicles with the system can charge more efficiently while stationary or while driving. The company said the system could power the car for 3,000 kilometers (1,864 miles) per year, but did not elaborate on the conditions needed to achieve that figure. We think people who live in Nevada will probably have better use of this system than people who live in Pennsylvania.

Eric Plekkepoel, CEO of ABT e-Line GmbH said “BEV and PHEV vehicles, with their storage units, are the perfect platform to use solar energy for propulsion.

While the extra range is certainly nice and useful, the company also says the system will benefit greatly from charging things inside the car. As we think many people will use the vehicles for outdoor trips, the system will be very useful for charging the interior lighting and things like the refrigerator.

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