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Anglican clergy urge Nigerians to collect PVC and vote in elections

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Anglican clergy urge Nigerians to collect PVC and vote in elections
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Anglican Sub-Dean of St. Luke’s Cathedral, Very Rev. Prof. Pic Onwochei has urged Nigerians, especially members that were enrolled for PVC to ensure that they gathered the same so that they could vote in the forthcoming 2023 election in February.

Christians should be properly trained to use politics as a platform to advocate for social justice, rather than demonizing politics, and to ensure full participation in the process.

Onwochei, speaking in Jos on Friday, urged eligible members not to sit at home but vote on Election Day because they are involved in the process of electing credible leaders to government.

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In his words: “When I registered, I encouraged members to register, but now he asks me to collect the PVC. I have mine with me.” We encourage our members to go out and vote on these days. I don’t want to say who I’m voting for, but it doesn’t matter if I just guide my conscience to choose.

“Look at what’s going on and find among the candidates who you think best represents your interests. , was to stay away from politics because politics is dirty and bad things happen.It affected us.

“Politics is a civic responsibility that we should be involved in. Because Because if we refuse to get involved, we can’t blame those who came to power, and we don’t have a say in those who come to power. Whatever policies they adopt affect us directly and indirectly.Governments determine the fees paid in public facilities and determine the fees paid on bills.

“It affects the market economy and social policies that affect us. We should have a say.

“You decide who you vote for, it’s the cards that make you decide who you vote for.” Christians should get involved in politics until they decide who will stand to be elected.

“Finally, he added: We don’t interfere in the process of installing politicians into office, so they don’t feel accountable to us. Is pluralistic, but do you attribute the top two hierarchies in the country to just a particular religion? Is this in all sincerity fair? Can you in good faith support this? Nigeria is pluralistic and our leadership decisions must also reflect this. All people must be made to feel they belong in this unity called Nigeria. Vote with a clear conscience please.

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