Basement Ideas for Dark Spaces

We only have one small window in our basement. More than half the square footage of our home sits below ground level, so making the most of this space means using some structural engineering to make it less “creepy”. – as my children say.

Today, I’m sharing five bedroom tips to make a dark space bright and inviting.

1. Choose the right color

Although I found the color to be slightly darker, the color was slightly darker. Color: White or cream. Lighter colors will help reflect light and make the space feel brighter and more airy.

When we painted our basement family room last month, we used two colors: White dove and Egg ship, both by Benjamin Moore. These colors make the whole room brighter than before. Sail fabric color also adds a feeling of warmth to the space, due to the warm beige tone.

2. Add Art to the Wall

Adding art to your basement walls can transform the space. In basements and lower ceilings, I can especially say pieces that give the impression of height. Choose a few large, long pieces that you love—you’ll be surprised at the difference they make.

3. Bring lots of clothes

Blankets, pillows, and blankets are the antidote to any space that is dark and cold. Go for something fun and inviting, like a dream bag (I love the plushness of Nordic Knots rug) or rug knots. Add lots of patterned pillows to the bed. Any space will instantly feel warm and inviting with some rugs.

I also used these tips when designing the basement in our previous home.
Photo by Colleen Eversman and Photo by 2ndtruth

4. Focus on the light

Lighting is an effective way to bring warmth and light to the basement-especially a basement without windows. You can install recessed lights or wall sconces, add lamps, and even tie something with a light cord as an accent to give the room a better ambiance.

In our family basement, I like having the option to turn on the lights when I go downstairs to do laundry or play with the kids. When we want a cozier vibe, we turn on a few lamps.

5. Add a few unexpected pieces of furniture

Don’t be afraid to add furniture that brings personality to the space. I found a funny little stool that works both as a seat and a drink holder. Preparing and special textures always help to make the warmth in the space, so consider this also when choosing furniture.

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