Beata Heuman House: 5 Things I Love About It

I come across a lot of beautiful homes when I’m browsing the internet on my favorite pages, but some stand out more than others. I want to start sharing new ideas on Wit & Delight, featuring mine favorite home I come across every month and that’s exactly what I love about it. This month’s house stopped me in my tracks.

Welcome to Swedish house Designer Beata Heuman brought it to life, as shown in it The world of pregnancy.

Here are my five favorite things about this house…

1. Acceptance of “Imperfection”

And the 18th century house like this comes imperfect with the age of the old house. The characteristic of this space is that it is designed in such a way that nothing is new or current. Throughout the home, you’ll find original wood paneling and beautiful weathered doors. I love that Beata used the home and state setting as inspiration for her design.

2. Game rules

There are many amazing examples of patterned play in this room. In the bathroom, you will find one Beata Heuman floral motif and both wallpaper and upholstered furniture. In the dining room, I love the combination of animal prints and hand-painted tiles with a fun panoramic wallpaper that looks straight out of a children’s magazine. There are classic checkerboard tiles in the kitchen and beautiful bespoke wallpaper in the guest bedroom. In every corner, there is another game that catches the eye.

3. Use of Color

Well, this house shows the power of color and design. I always admire how Beata plays with her colors and designs, adjusting the levers until every house sings. It uses both bright colors and deep colors that complement each other in the right way. What makes these colors have such a negative effect is how it brings three colors around them. Combined, Beata’s color choices are interesting but still comfortable and attractive.

4. Anti-Eclecticism

There are references to any type of eclectic or maximalist where things are too much. When it comes to this type of recipe, you can go all the way or restore eclecticism, creating a period of visual interest and allowing space between. Beata does the latter well. In this room, he collected objects of visual interest in different places and let the simplicity shine in the other parts of each room.

5. A Casual Core

Part of the magic of every Beata Heuman design is that everything is measured but nothing feels too big. The buildings he designed were beautiful, playful, and casual. They are the first space that is supposed to be taste by the people who live in them. What more could you ask for?

For more details on this property, read the original article from The world of pregnancy.

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