Beautiful houses and things I love about each one

March’s theme at Wit & Delight is all about the joy of coloring and coloring at home. I wanted to put together a short list of beautiful home builders that make me happy every time I see them. Each of these people has different ways to use color in the room. There are many things we can learn from them.

Today, I’m sharing my favorite things about the beautiful homes they brought to life.

1. Gillian Lawlee –

Gillian uses color throughout her home in a practical and calming way. It highlights certain areas of visual interest in any room, adding pops of color to the surrounding neutrals. She combines complementary colors in a beautiful way both on the walls and on the bedclothes in her room. There’s a beautiful style to it that I really love.

2. Luke Edward Hall

Luke’s design showcases the best approach to color that creates an immersive experience. His plan is proof that the fearless qualities that most of us spend so little time on can be used in interesting and fun ways. This elegant style of interior design can be found on full display in the beautiful Cotswolds farmhouse she designed with her husband, fellow designer Duncan Campbell.

Luke has two wonderful books –Greco design and Kind of Magic– if you want to know more about his designs and build your inspiration library.

3. Brittany Watson Jepsen – The house Lars built

Beautiful homes and things I love about everyone |  Knowledge & pleasure
Photo by The house Lars built

Brittany always does it with art and color, in a way that she and her family really like. It does an amazing job of showing the power and joy that can come from certain color combinations. The way she paints in her own way throughout her home shows you how color can be used in many things and applications—not just by painting walls.

If you love her way of painting, I highly recommend her book, Create a rainbow.

Photo by The house Lars built

4. Bri Emery – @designlovefest

What I love most about Bri is that she is a true natural in every sense of the word. I’ve always liked this about him. He always dreams of something extraordinary in his vision. It’s interesting to see him move across the country and see him grow as a creative person from his hometown. What comforts me about the way he creates is how he creates spaces that heal and are designed around what he wants to do in them. She recently remodeled her kitchen and the end result is a space that looks great It was done for creativity and food.

5. Dabito – Old Brand New

Dabito was one of the first people I followed who really did well with color. What I love most about her interior design is her plain approach. It comes in a combination of colors that I wouldn’t think of using to kill them beautifully. His design instincts are different than mine always inspired by the projects he shares.

You can pre-order the Dabito room book, Old Brand New, Here!

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