Blue is the color I really want to use in our house

As someone who loves interior design, there are things I have noticed over time. There are certain design elements that you will come back to again and again. It can be the wallpaper, the type of floor, a piece of furniture, or, in this case, the color.

For several years, I have reverted to the blue color scheme. I want to use it as the first color in different rooms, both in this house and our first, but it hasn’t worked out yet. Lately, I’ve found it more and more in my favorite designs.

Today, I’m sharing why I love the color blue, where I’ve considered using it, and where I can use it in our home in the future.

Why I like my blue color

I remember one of the first (but not *the* first) times I was drawn to this blue color. The year is 2019. The color in the kitchen is full of tones of honey oak, which is shown in it. Architectural Digest. The combination of honey and blue oak has a unique and timeless effect. Seeing it in this condition gave me such a visceral feeling and I knew immediately that I wanted to use it in my own design. (Note: Upon further review of the original article, it turns out that the cabinet color is actually gray, although it looks blue in the photo below!)

After digging a little deeper into what I thought when I saw it, I realized there was something familiar about this color. It is a perfect balance of warm and cool, with many white tones, leading to a color that makes you feel calm and happy.

The blue sun house that never existed

The first place I really considered using this color was in the sunroom of our previous home. I want to use it on walls, ceilings, and ceilings. I even had our developer create this app for us (shown below). In the sun room, these products always appear depending on the angle of the sunlight. There is something in this that invites you to have a different experience than in other parts of the house. I think that color can be a wonderful way to focus on this unique character.

The Light Blue Paint Color I Really Want To Use In Our Home |  Knowledge & pleasure
Sun room: McDonald Remodeling

I found an email thread recently where I and McDonald Remodeling designer, Alisa, went back and forth about using either blue or pink (Plastering by Farrow & Ball, specifically) in the sunroom. I was leaning towards using the same color in our previous home design, although I eventually fell in love with the idea and decided to use the same color that we used to do on the main floor (White Dove by Benjamin Moore). It’s fun to revisit these design conversations with Alisa. It totally got what I wanted for the space.

I think this just goes to show you how long life can be in an element that you really love. Years later, I still wonder what the room would have looked like if I had gone with my bowels.

I think this just goes to show you how long life can be in an element that you really love. Years later, I still wonder what the room would have looked like if I had gone with my bowels. I’m here thinking about blue paint colors again, I’ve used Setting Plaster in my house in several rooms (and the trim in the entryway and guest room). White dove is not a bad choice – it’s a great choice! But the sunroom can be something completely different. It also helps explain why we started to embrace good habits when we moved into our current home.

Where I can use the blue paint in our house right now

I have considered—and am now reconsidering—using blue paint in various rooms in our home. When we did our kitchen remodel, I liked using it in the cupboards, but we ended up going a different route. Now, as I’m thinking about an extensive design update in our basement, I thought it would be fun to use this color and something that is sports hall now. This game room could be a second guest room. There are no windows and I thought bringing a splash of color to the walls would be a fun way to transform the space.

The funny thing is that as I write, I realize that I have use blue in our house. It’s not the perfect tool that I thought at first. We painted our dining room chairs (Aleutian by Sherwin Williams) I was drawn for a long time. We also draw on the same blue color in the dining room bag (shown in the photo above). As it turns out, the things you attract have a way of manifesting in your life. Watch out for future uses of this color in our homes! I have no doubt it will appear again.

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