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China revises COVID-19 Protocols, as Nigeria tightens surveillance

by James
China revises COVID-19 Protocols, as Nigeria tightens surveillance
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LAGOS: According to Ambassador Chu Maoming, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Nigeria, China has revised its Covid-19 protocols while the Nigerian government is stepping up surveillance at international airports. As such, travellers are required to fill out health forms and even have their temperatures taken.

Maoming in response to the spread of COVID-19 said in a statement to journalists in Lagos that the Nigerian government has decided not to voluntarily ban travellers entering Nigeria from China. He also added that, as it is known, China has announced that from 8 January it will reduce its restrictions of COVID-19, treating it as a class B infection rather than a more serious class A infection.

Yes, a recent increase in cases has been registered in China. But China can control it, so people shouldn’t worry about the situation. First, China has accumulated extensive experience in COVID-19 prevention and control. Since he classified her COVID-19 management as an infection of class A in 2020, China has offered effective solutions in line with domestic conditions, with the lowest total social cost tested in practice.

Three years later, China has effectively controlled over 100 COVID-19 epidemics, successfully maintaining its incidence, critical illness and mortality rates at the lowest levels in the world, helping to avoid being infected by more potent variants.

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Secondly, China adjusted her COVID-19 protocol based on scientific evidence. Given the evolution of the epidemic, the current variant of the virus, although highly contagious, is less virulent than its predecessor and few cases present as pneumonia.

Thirdly, China’s effective epidemic control has provided a significant opportunity to build a relatively robust immune barrier. As of January, 2023, 1,398,860 billion people in China had been vaccinated for a total of 3.8 billion doses, of which 127.5855 million were fully vaccinated. means that 92.9% of the total population is vaccinated. Such high coverage effectively reduced the incidence of severe cases. Fourth, China has always shared timely, open and transparent information with the international community.

“China has shared the genome sequence of the virus at the earliest opportunity and has made important contributions to the research and development of medicines and vaccines in countries around the world.

“China is well prepared to implement COVID-19 control measures in accordance with the law, in a timely, open and transparent manner, and in cooperation with the international community to tackle COVID-19.

China’s response to COVID-19 is by no means passive or laissez-faire.As we enter a new phase of COVID-19 prevention and control. China is closely monitoring the features of the virus to keep abreast of the situation. At present, the COVID-19 situation in China is improving, with some provinces and cities past the peak of infection, and life and work returning to normal sooner.

Ikenna Emew, a Nigerian journalist and editor-in-chief of the Africa-China Economics magazine, wrote in China Daily that “China’s revised protocol is ‘good for the world'”. China is the world’s first major economy to record positive economic growth in 2020. Over the past three years, China’s average annual economic growth rate of about 4.5% is above the global average, making a significant contribution to global economic growth.

Finally, in the global fight against COVID-19, China will play a key supplier role, strongly assist other countries in responding to the epidemic, and stabilize the global industrial and supply chains. It has played an invaluable role in maintaining it,” CG said.

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Bamidele Sandra 01/14/2023 - 3:48 PM

I hope this COVID issues will be permanently erased from the surface of the earth soon.

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Yeah, we hope so too.  😷  👍