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Common Job Interview Questions and Answers

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Common Job Interview Questions and Answers
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Common Job Interview Questions and Answers: Job interview is a setting which involves two or more parties in a question and answer section.

Here there is a superior which is the employer, he or she is the one who does all the questioning while the interviewee responds to the questions thrown.

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Common Job Interview Questions and Answers.

Most individual gets freaky when it comes to them being invited for a job interview. Trust me, this is absolutely not very good for your health.

Why, because you are the one who applied for that same job so it should not be something terrible for you to start wondering.

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Kindly go through the write ups in this article for a proper guide on common job interview question and answer that you may likely come across any day.

List of Common Job Interview Questions and Answers.

1. Can you tell me about yourself with a description of your background briefly?

This question will be asked because your interviewer will like to know your story. So you have to make sure you start it greatly with an interesting middle and a good end, this encourages the interviewer’s choice on you to get the job.

Your story should be based on important reasons why you are so interested in the profession you are chasing, this should lead to your educational background.

Then your work experience follows, here you talk about all the achievements you have made for your recent job company.

2. How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations?

The employer here wishes to know how good you can hold down stressful and pressurized situations with ease. The company have to know if you are someone who can mellow down when there is intense pressure because the ability of calmness is highly prioritized.

Your answer should have instances where you remained very calm in though situations in addition with your prowess skills on solving the problem.

There is need to show that you have grown to be matured in minding your practice in the company which will help to deal easily with stress and pressure.

3. Do you prefer working independently or on a team?

This question will be asked in order to understand if you can work alone or together with some of your colleagues. Your response will determine how you will work perfectly.

Some activities will require you to work alone while some will have you work in collaboration with other people. So, while answering this question, do your best to show your true personality and how it fits in the job requirement.

Your response should as well state all the advantages and slightly disadvantages of working in both situations.

4. Are you applying for other jobs?

Very important question. I have seen so many situations that people work in an organization and still apply for so many others.

The reasons best known to them. But in all honesty you should be able to answer with nothing but the truth, this is because ones trust is lost it takes more than a decade to be won back again.

5. What did you do in the last year to improve your knowledge?

Employers always want to know how well you mange your time. How good you are at learning and acquiring skills in cases of pandemic or bad situation.

Your response should be polite and straight forward to show clarity and honesty.

6. What type of work environment do you prefer?

To answer this question, you have to answer in an encouraging manner stating the importance of working in a well to do organization.

This will seem like you love a busy kind of work environment and would be interested in learning new skills in the process.

7. How did you hear about this position?

There are so many ways you must have heard about a vacancy and its position. You are free to talk about it to your interviewer.

8. When you’re balancing multiple projects, how do you keep yourself organized?

Do you know that some persons act like they have gone crazy when they are handling or balancing a multi tasked project?

This often happens to people who are not so calm to understand situations before they act. You should show some difference here if you really need the job.

9. From your resume it seems you took a gap year. Would you like to tell us why that was?

Taking a long break after a period of work in a former organization is based on what one faced over there during their working days.

What you should know is that everywhere is not the same as people are not the same. You summing up to work with this new company means you have moved on with your life.

If the case is different, tell your employer that you have been busy on various trainings to improve your skills and intellects.

10. What are your salary expectations?

Here is the big deal and most people fall into traps here.

You rather make a rage of salary than mention a fixed amount that may only suit your personal interest and may not be in conformity with the company.

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