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A-Z CorelDraw Shortcut Keys and Their Functions

by James
A-Z CorelDraw Shortcut Keys and Their Functions
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A-Z CorelDraw Shortcut Keys and Their Functions: CorelDraw is a vector based desktop publishing software use to design logos from simple to intricate complex ones.

CoreDraw is a package for advance learners of the computer system in the sense that its tools are dynamic and they tend to look more complex.

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A-Z CorelDraw Shortcut Keys and Their Functions.

Unlike every other packages of the computer system such as the Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, Visio, Access and so on. CorelDraw has its own features which are extremely different from those of the Microsoft Office.

This article contains A – Z of the basic shortcut keys of coreldraw and how you can use them efficiently.

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List of CorelDraw Shortcut Keys.

  1. F8 – This activates your text tool. Why because you cannot open CorelDraw and just start typing without picking up your text tool. To make things flexible, knowing the appropriate key to use saves you lot of time and energy.
  2. F10 – Your shape tool gets activated for you to convert any shape to a different looking one.
  3. F5 – The freehand tool which can be use to draw any diagram at all will display for use.
  4. F6 – The rectangular tool will pop up for use.
  5. F7 – Ellipse tool which can be use to draw circles, ovals and ellipse will be activated.
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  6. F12 – This opens the outline pen which can be use to add or reduce the weight of an outline or change the type of outline to either dashes or dots.
  7. F12 + Shift – The outline colour pops up for you to choose the colour of your choice for just outline.
  8. F11 + Shift – brings out uniform tool which is use to fill objects, graphics and diagrams with uniform fills.
  9. F11 – The fountain fill will be activated for use.
  10. M –  This tool is use to activate the mesh fill tool which is use to fill as many colours as you want on an object.
    This article do not only display the A-Z CorelDraw shortcut keys and their functions, it also tells how you can use them with ease.

    More on A-Z CorelDraw Shortcut Keys and Their Functions.

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  11. Y – The polygon tool will be active for use.
  12. D – Graph tool which is a great tool for designing invoices and movable tables will be active for use.
  13. A – The new tool that has been added to the current CorelDraw which is use to draw curly lines in circular form will be active.
  14. I – Artistic media will be active for use. This tool is a very unique tool, it has so many functions inside of it, you can custom your designs in a perfect and professional way with the artistic media.
  15. Shift + S – activates the smart drawing tool that is use to rule very straight lines.
  16. H – this activates t he pan tool which serves as a tool use to carry the entire page from one place to another.
  17. X – Eraser tool which is use to clean an unwanted part of an object will be active.
  18. F3  – This key opens symbols for you to select and work with any. Symbols such as naira signs, division signs etc.

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    More CorelDraw Shortcut Keys and How to Use them.

  19. ‘ – this tool reduces the zoom level of your window without scrolling your mouse,
  20. F9 – tool use to fill up the entirety of your screen with the current window that is open.
  21. Ctrl + Q – is use to curve the shape visible.
  22. Alt + Enter – the property bar becomes active for changes on your text.
  23. Ctrl + K – this breaks curves and text apart from each other when they are initially combined together.
  24. Alt + F8 – it is use to activate the rotation tool which can be found in transform or transformation under the docker’s tab.
  25. Alt + F9 – This is use t scale your object from one dimension to another easily.
  26. Alt + F10 – it is use for sizing your object or pages in CorelDraw.
  27. Z – with this, your zoom tool will be active for you to zoom either in or out.

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