Design a book to buy if you like beautiful home design

Design books are one of my favorite places to get inspiration for home projects of all sizes. They help generate ideas for creative options in the home—they also look great on the coffee table.

Today, I’m sharing five of my favorite beautiful books and why I think they’ll make great additions to your collection.

1. How to live with things by Monica Khemsurov and Jill Singer


I love the things we bring into our home and what they say about us. This book is against “decoration” and instead encourages readers to surround themselves with meaningful things. It’s so full of insight, you won’t be able to see things in your own home in a different light after reading it.

2. How Beautiful They Are by P. Gaye Tapp


What’s more fun than taking a look at the homes of some of the most interesting people in history? This is another great design book that highlights how personal our interior design decisions can be, from the colors we choose to the things we decorate with.

3. Greco design by Luke Edward Hall


Designer Luke Edward Hall makes the end of design bold in a way like no other. It can make the best of the choice of eye color without much effort. There is endless inspiration to be found in his work, and for this reason, I always recommend this book.

4. A dictionary of color combinations by Sanzo Wada


What is on the table of many artists I know, this Japanese book is just a collection of unique color collections. It’s great for breaking into new areas while designing.

5. British Manufacturers At Home by Jenny Rose-Innes


I’ve recommended this recipe a few times before, and for good reason. It offers an inside look at Britain’s best designers. It’s a feast for the eyes that is full of interior design inspiration.

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