Ferrari Will Make Better Drivers With Amazing New Tech

Ferrari recommends integrating LED lights along the bottom, and/or top, and/or sides (pillars) of the windshield. Other requirements include some type of tracking device, be it a short-range system like radio, a long-range system like GPS, a laser tracking system like LiDAR, or an optical device like a camera. Also, the tag requires a device that can detect the vehicle’s attitude, i.e. a gyroscope or a three-axis electronic device. Using advanced driver assistance systems or databases (of popular race tracks, for example), the car will identify the optimal route for the vehicle, determining the correct steering, braking, and throttle inputs.

These data points will let the driver know that the car is approaching the top or bottom, whether they need to use full balance, and what adjustments should be made in terms of driving in any direction to go faster at on the front.

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