Fisker Ocean SUV Will Arrive With 350 Mile Range

Fisker has provided the EPA with its test data, which was recorded during road tests, and now only requires the agency to provide an official Certificate of Validation. In addition, it recently completed all FMVSS tests required for National Transportation Safety Board certification.

Products for European brands can now be picked up and will reportedly be available on April 20, followed by delivery to customers, while products across our borders will be available separately in early May. This is the result of different accident rates for different countries, but why has the car manufacturer pulled back since November? He waits for approval and doesn’t want to waste resources. As things stand, Fisker is “waiting for the board.” [the EPA] to provide a definitive date for certification.”

“This strategy ensures that we can continue to provide enough vehicles ready for the first deliveries in Europe and the US while avoiding vehicle storage costs pending approval,” said CEO Henrik Fisker.

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