Gemma Moulton’s House: Three things I love about it

Her name is Gemma Moulton Create an Academy Really is all about how to make beautiful curtains. Watching it is at the top of my list! But when I saw a room in her house on Instagram earlier this month, I didn’t know it was hers at first. I love using fabric so much that I saved it post and shared it in his Story with the title: “Going into my drapery time, I can see it.”

When I learned that the room I shared was from Gemma’s amazing eyes, I was not surprised. (He was, after all, the founder of East London bridge.) Gemma’s house was recently shown Go up. I love having the opportunity to walk through the entire space and read about how it is organized, room by room.

Gemma Moulton's House: Three Things I Love About It |  Knowledge & pleasure

1. How to put clothes on all the time

Most of us don’t think much further than household items. I was really drawn to the idea of ​​using curtains on the door to help with energy conservation and inspire a simple bohemian feel to the space. I love all the tricks that work so well and the wonderful way Gemma shows off her skills with fabric in her background.

2. The trick of Color

The color palette in this home is very subtle – but it’s not at all minimalistic or simple. Looking at these photos, you can feel the richness and warmth. I’ve shared other homes that liven up this effect using a more dramatic color palette, and I love the minimal approach to color shown here.

3. Using old things

There is a well-preserved collection of antiques in this room. I love that the use of antiques gives the space a “farmhouse” feel, but in a way that’s a little more traditional than you’d normally see in a historic home. Mixing traditional finishes with matte colors and antiques is a great way to create a cool and inviting home that still feels polished and elegant. Gemma does a great job of creating a balance between design details from different eras.

For more details on this property, read the original article from Go up.

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