Holiday decor ideas I love

I love decorating for the holidays but the number of holiday decor ideas overwhelms me! I wanted to pull together some holiday decor ideas I’ve saved over the years, to give myself (and you) a little inspiration as I decorate my own home. Am I doing tinsel again? A tree with only ribbons? What about a larger simple bare greenery situation? Or how about all of the above?

Browse through a few of my favorite holiday decor ideas in the list below.


Gwen – @themakerista (shown above)

Hello, TINSEL! I used this glitter on our tree last year and loved how Gwen decorated it. There are many aspects and little values ​​that come through thanks to the way he puts it in small groups.


Jordan Ferney

I call Jordan the queen of beautiful trees filled with the beauty of grapes. It can also create an important bow. Every year, I look forward to seeing her decorate a large collection of sparkling baubles on the tree.


Paula Sutton – @hillhousevintage

If you need a beautiful inspiration this year, this account has everything you need!


Greg – @manwithahammer

If you want a cute holiday look with lots of colors, patterns, and general fun, this is the place to look!


Leigh + Ben – @house_1924

Here’s another great way to incorporate ribbon into your holiday decor! They use different colors, tie them to the top of the tree, and let each color run down the tree. I love it.


Emily Henderson

This holiday decor example reminds me that a squat tree, which needs little decoration can make the best vacation spot.


Matilda Goad

You know I love everything Matilda does, but there’s something special about how she wraps garland and other holiday items in her space. His wife is a florist Willow Crossley– it also has amazing tips for tablescapes and much more!

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