Homemade Floor Cleaner: How to make your floor shine without alcohol

If you’ve been relying on store-bought wood floor cleaners, it’s time to start making your own. Homemade floor cleaning is affordable, allowing you to customize the products to your needs. It is just as effective at removing dirt, dust, germs, and stubborn dirt as store-bought cleaners if you do it right.

Homemade floor cleaner without alcohol

How to make a homemade white house

One of the first things I remember was my grandmother cleaning the floor. First, it sweeps every last dust around the room. Then she uses her trusty little bag and bucket to mix lemon juice, olive oil and other ingredients that will make even the bleakest of floors shine.

When he’s done, he’ll crack all the windows and let the lemon-scented air waft through the whole house. While I love watching her work her magic, what I really love is how she looks when she does it—pure, happy, and fresh.

Using Alcohol vs Alcohol

While there are many things you can use to clean the floor, I recommend adding some Everclear vinegar to the mix. Like vinegar, alcohol can kill bacteria and dissolve stains. But vinegar cuts drying time significantly, which means water won’t run into hardwood floors and damage them. And it is disinfects again well more than a wine that doesn’t leave behind a bad smell when you’re done.

Benefits of alcohol in home cleaning

Benefits of Natural Floor Cleaner

The hardwood floor is, shall we say, soft. A small amount of water that accumulates can damage the plant, leaving you with an unsightly, unattractive appearance.

But if you’re not careful, acidic substances can damage the soil’s coating, which will make your soil look old and tired before it’s time. That’s where Everclear Grain Alcohol comes in.

There are many benefits of alcohol-based floor cleaners:

Very effective

Everclear is a powerful disinfectant which can remove dirt, grime and bacteria from hard surfaces. It can also help dissolve stubborn dirt and spills. If you want to spray the floor, spritz with unscented Everclear after cleaning and let it dry. Full strength of alcohol to kill germs.

Fast drying

Alcohol evaporates quickly, which means that the floor will dry quickly and you won’t have to wait long before walking on them again.

For free

Because corn alcohol evaporates quickly, it won’t leave any residue or film on your floor.

Works on most types of soil

Alcohol-based floor cleaners can be used on a variety of hard surfaces, including tile, laminate, vinyl, and hardwood.

Protection for the environment

Alcohol-based floor cleaners are generally better for the environment and will not release harmful chemicals or toxins into the air. It is also a great choice for families with pets or children who may be prone to illness.

floor cleaner recipe without alcohol and alcohol

The recipe is at home

Like most home cleaning recipes, this DIY home cleaning recipe is completely unique. Feel free to customize the scent using the essential oils in your cupboard or play around with any number of ingredients until you find a combination that works for your floor.

You can also use this recipe as a cleanser. Just pour some into the spray bottle and spray it on the dirty floors. Then, use a clean cloth or sponge to clean the affected area until the dirt is gone.


-2 glasses of Everclear grain alcohol

– 1 gallon of water

-10 drops of dish soap

-15 drops of essential oil (I use grapefruit and tea tree oil)


Mixing homemade cleaners in a bucket

Start by mixing Everclear alcohol and water in a bucket. Do well.

Add dish soap and 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil, and stir again. Personally, I love the scent of sunshine, happy grapefruit and the disinfecting properties of tea tree oil.

Adding dish soap and floor cleaner

If you want, pour a little mixture into a spray bottle for easy cleaning. Otherwise, leave it in the bucket to be used as a general floor cleaner.

Note: This floor cleaner is suitable for use on most types of hard wood floors, but may not be suitable for hard floors such as uncoated or waxed wood floors. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions before using any new cleaner on your floor.

How to clean the floor the right way

Yes, there is a “right way” to clean your floor. A little pre-cleaning is essential for maintaining the health and cleanliness of your home. It also helps extend the life of your soil so it doesn’t fail prematurely.

Clean the floor before cleaning

1. Clear the floor

Remove any furniture, toys, or other loose items from the floor that may get in the way while you clean. Since dirt easily gets under the curtains and onto the floor, I make sure to fold my bags (even the larger ones) before I wash the floor.

2. Clean or vacuum

Use a broom, dustpan, or vacuum to remove dirt and debris from the floor. Spend some time cleaning under furniture and around areas where dirt and dust accumulate.

How to clean wood floors

3. Clean place

Stubborn skin may require a little elbow grease to get rid of it. If you find any spills or stains on the floor, use a homemade cleaner and a clean cloth to treat the affected areas.

How to clean floors using homemade floor cleaners

4. Mop

Soak a mop in the solution, then wipe off the excess so that the mop is damp, but not soaking wet. Starting from one side of the house, slowly work your way to the other side, making sure to cover the entire floor.

5. Wipe the floor

Although this last step is not 100% necessary, you may find that cleaning your floors helps prolong their life. Once the alcohol has time to clear, use a towel or clean towel to dry the floor. If it is a large area, you can use floor coverings to help speed up the heating process.

Homemade floor cleaners can be a fun and effective way to keep your floors clean and shiny. By using simple ingredients you may already have in your pantry, you can create a cleaning solution that is affordable and eco-friendly. Just remember to always test your floor solution on a small, inconspicuous area before using it on a large surface, and make sure to let your floor dry completely. to avoid any damage.

This post was developed in partnership with Everclear® Grain Alcohol. These recipes are not for consumption. You can find Everclear at your local grocer or online through Cask Cartel, Caskers, or Drizly. You can also look for Everclear’s product identifier page online.



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