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How to Activate GTbank Mobile App With Debit Card

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How to Activate GTbank Mobile App With Debit Card
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How to Activate GTbank Mobile App With Debit Card: Guarantee Trust Bank is of the top most recognized bank in Nigeria.

The Guarantee Trust Bank has made it quick and easy for each of their client to bank online using the bank’s mobile application.

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How to Activate GTbank Mobile App.

This article contains all you need to know about GTbank mobile application activation with your Naira debit card.

First of all, you must have an account with the Guarantee Trust Bank popularly known as GTB. Though currently bearing the name GTCO.

If you have an account with GTB, you can now download mobile banking app customized for all GT Bank users only.

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Steps on to Download GTbank Mobile App.

According to your device, you may need to go to google play store and get the mobile application for GT Bank before use.

Having a google account will be relevant her as you will need to login to the platform and search for GT Bank mobile banking app.

After searching and selection of the version that will be suitable for your device, quickly hit the download button.

Give the application some minutes to download and properly install to your phone. Note that this works with a very good network.

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Below are easy steps on how to activate your GT Bank mobile application.

How to Activate GTbank Mobile App With Debit Card.

After a success download and installation of the Guarantee Trust Bank’s mobile banking software, you can now turn on your network provider.

Click on create mobile banking account to get registered first. This will require an email sent to you with your personal identification number attached to it.

Then type in your user identification number which will be sent to the email address which is attached to your bank.

Input a password of your choice, and then click on sign in. This will direct you to add the last six digits on your Naira debit card.

Adding the last six digit will connect your card to the bank’s mobile application. This makes the activation successful.

You can now do all transactions with ease at your comfort zone, anytime, any day.

Frequently Asked Question:

Can I change my mobile banking password?

Answer: Of cause you can, if you notice someone else has your mobile banking application password, please change it immediately.
This will save you from being defrauded. In other words, you can also activate your finger print activation.
With this, you can log in to your GT bank mobile banking app with just a touch of your finger over the application or behind your phone.

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