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How to Add Phone Number to Google Account

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How to Add Phone Number to Google Account
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How to Add Phone Number to Google Account: Google account is a mailing platform, which enable sending and receiving of mails.

As important as it seems, it is a very vital platform to secure a lot of your files, photographs, documents and messages as well.

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How to Add Phone Number to Google Account.

Having difficulty in defining a google account? Do not panic as this article will give a detailed definition of a google account, the uses and benefits to the society at large.

What is Google Account?

The google account is used to receive emails and also send mails to various types of email platforms.

This account consist of the following list below;

  1. Google Account: Which is a registered account for google businesses.
  2. Google Search: This is use to make research online.
  3. Google Maps: Exactly for easy finding of locations that you are not familiar with.
  4. Youtube: This links your Youtube account to your google account in order to retrieve loss data and also save history of your YouTube account to your google account for reference purposes.
  5. Google Play: This is a store that have every application/software you need in your device. It permits free downloads and rating of application in the platform.
  6. Google Meet: This is an amazing platform that serves as a forum for online meetings. Where you can join set of people on a conference call.
  7. Google Chat: Just as we have other social media platform, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tiktok etc. Google also have a room for chats. You can message and receive messages order than emails from friends and family.
  8. Google Contact: This holds all the contacts saved on your device, as soon as you log in your google account on your phone or system.
  9. Google Drive: The spacious drive that you can save very large files or folders to. What you save remain in the cloud and can be retrieved anything you have need of it.
  10. Google Calendar: This calendar have all the birth dates you starred on your device, including events which have happened, the ones happening and also the ones about to occur.
  11. Google Translate: A very impressive tool for translation of different languages.
  12. Google Photos: Google photos have all the pictures you have taken on the device which has the details of your google account signed in to.
  13. Duo: This is an application which enables video calls, from a registered number on Duo to another registered number else where.
  14. Google Ads: An interesting part of google which enables paid advertisement of goods and services.

Steps on How to Add Number to Google Account.

If you have misplaced your former sim card, you can do a welcome back at the registration center of the lost sim network.

But if this is not favourable for you at the moment, you can get a new sim with a new number.

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After the purchase of a new sim card, It is necessary to add the phone number to your google account, as this will serve as a means of further security verification.

Search for google account on your browser, once it loads, a display requesting for an alternative phone number and alternative email address appears.

Click on the add phone number, then type in the new phone number and proceed with further verification processes.

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