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How To Change Facebook Page Username In 5 Minutes

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How To Change Facebook Page Username In 5 Minutes
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How To Change Facebook Page Username In 5 Minutes: Facebook is a social media which aids communication of people around the globe.

It is a global social media which enable people from all round the world to have a close relationship online, thereby permitting strangers meet with friends, family, colleagues and even school mates.

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How To Change Facebook Page Username In 5 Minutes.

To have a Facebook page, you must have a Facebook account. This is because from the details given from your account, you will be granted free access in creating a Facebook page.

This article will explain everything you need to know about Facebook social page. You may be wondering what it is all about, either for fun, games, business or sales as well.

What Is Facebook Page?

Facebook page is an individual property owned under the ownership of Meta social networks. Ordinary citizens own this pages for personal use.

It could be for entertainment, education, news casting or even businesses.

Below are easy steps you can use to change your Facebook page username in just 5 minutes.

Steps On How To Change Facebook Page Username.

Before you consider to change a Facebook page username, you must have lost interest in the previous name you used.

After making your decision on the new name to use for your page, which of cause you have calculated and weighed more attractive and catching to your audience.

You will have to login to your Facebook account, click on pages, the pages you own always appear at the top screen.

Then select the page, click on the three buttons by the side of your Facebook profile details. Select the edit option.

After a successful selection, you can now change the name to your desired choice.

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A notification indicating that your previous Facebook username has been changed, will display on your device screen.

If there is nothing to correct in there, you have a new username for your page then. Your audience will also see the effect from their various end.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I change my Facebook Page Username Often?

Answer: Why not, there are no limitations to changing of Facebook Page Username except of cause the restrictions of changing the name in less than 60 days.
This is because, you have to wait as long as 60 days before another change can be done.

I used a wrong name for my Facebook account, how do I change it?

Answer: For fun reasons, so many people use any choice of name that comes to their mind at a moment.
Later on, they begin to feel that it is unofficial or inappropriate to use such name online, as their friends or people around may not identify who they really are.
Of cause, this is never a good idea. To change a wrongly username on your Facebook account, go to settings under your profile.
Then select the edit profile menu, this will take you to your username. You will be provided a box to fill in a new name.

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