How to express your personal style at home

How to express your personal style at home |  Knowledge & pleasure
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When you enter a house that has the personality of the people who live there, you influence him. The French call it that je ne sais quoi. When you look at their home, you will realize that their style is really just a reflection of who they are.

These types of buildings appeal to me because of their strong character. Whether we realize it or not, I think each of us puts our own unique spin on the big “style” out there. There are nuances in “traditional,” “bohemian,” and “mid-century modern”; These essays are really a jumping off point for us to dig deeper into what affects our own thinking.

Let’s take a look at a few of the people that I see showing their true sense of self at home.

Under each person’s name, I wrote three words that I thought embodied their personal style at home. I will be sharing these three words to describe your personality on this Wednesday blog!

1. Hannah Carpenter – @hannahcarpenter

Complete, Prepared, Preppy

They were GO FOR IT LIKE NO ONE’S WATCHING. Hannah was so happy that she probably would have designed her house herself, but she collaborated with a designer. Meta Coleman to really take things to the next level. It is a perfect example of a perfect customer/manufacturer relationship. You see Meta’s signature colors and pattern play embedded in every room, but the Carpenter family’s lifestyle ties it in perfectly. They inspire me!

2. My friend Hillary

No tension, soft, relaxed

Have you ever wondered what your style would be like if you got off social media? My Friend Hill is about as low key and funny as you can get. He’s not on social media or anywhere online, which is probably the best thing you can do these days. He is also one of the funniest people I know, warm and outgoing.

What I love most about her home is the effortlessness of her style. A collection of things she has had over the years and every time I stay at her house it feels like a breath of fresh air. Nothing about it screams “I’m on Pinterest!” and I will never understand that he worries about anything enough. But everything has a purpose and form. It’s a goal!

3. Kaitlyn Coffee – @harrisvintage

70s, imperfect, world

When I see something shared Kaitlyn coffee, I knew it was up to him even before checking the control. It is a source of endless inspiration, sharing the best of contemporary design and decades.

When you see his home – both his current home and former residence – you will see the inspiration in every corner. He takes risks, is a student of his passion, and is a champion of accepting things that others may not know how to accept, all while being a humble person.

4. Elena – @thishouse5000

Modern meets Bohemian with a stylish twist

I knew Elena’s content within the first seconds of seeing it on my Instagram feed. He combines some of the more popular styles in the design of his home but always in his own interesting way. It’s a great reminder that if you love something-even if it’s something that’s considered “trendy”-it will still come in your design in a way that’s special to you.

5. Stephen & David – @renovationhusbands

Traditional, Americana, Polished

These two are all about details. On the surface, you will see deep, rich colors and a combination of textures and patterns. But it is to think about the kind of culture they create that makes you understand how these two people live. Their work shows what is possible when you have a vision and how flexible spaces can be when you can find ways to design a living space that should both work for you and inspire joy.

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