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How to Freeze Slow Apps Using Phone Master

by James
How to Freeze Slow Apps Using Phone Master
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How to Freeze Slow Apps Using Phone Master: The phone master is an application that your phone manufacturers built inside it.

The phone master you see on your device stays as long as you use the phone because you can not delete it, remove it or even uninstall it, this is because the application keeps your device up to date.

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How to Freeze Slow Apps Using Phone Master.

There are so many applications that begin to slow down if you have used your phone for a very long time having so many caches to clear.

Also having downloading as many application which seem to be useful to you. You may not consider deleting any of them or uninstalling them.

As they serve you on different purpose and occasions.

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The phone master is here to save you all the stress of your phone always locking out on its own, having you miss calls unnecessarily, hiding if not all the messages sent to the phone.

Situations where you would want to navigate from one application to another in an easy way, but the slowness of some applications to the phone will make this very difficult.

Keenly follow the instructions on this article to freeze all application that seem to be slowing down the usage of your device.

Steps on How to Freeze Slow Apps Using Phone Master.

Scroll down to your phone master application on your device, open it and search for freezer, click on the freezer to get it activated.

The phone master app creates a freezer on your phone’s desktop which you can open and add those slow application to it.

At the top of the shortcut application that was just created after activation of freezer, there is a plus (+) sign. Select the plus sign to add those application that seems to have been slowing your device.

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Having most of your applications locked up in the freezer does not mean you won’t be able to use them again also you can continue to use them as nothing will change from the last time it was open outside the freezer.

The only difference with the applications in the freezer and the ones outside the freezer is, there will be no daily or weekly updates for them till they are unfreeze.

This will also save you the lot of data you spend to update these application together with the space it consumes in your phone.

Frequently Asked Question:

How do I unfreeze applications?

Answer: If you have your application freeze mistakenly, you just have to go to the freezer, tap on the application and select the unfreeze option.
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