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How To Partake in NOUN Tutor Marked Assessment (TMA)

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How To Partake in NOUN Tutor Marked Assessment
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How To Partake in NOUN Tutor Marked Assessment (TMA): Just as every other high institution test the capabilities of their students, so do NOUN.

The National Open University of Nigeria is not an exception  for semester test. Her students tag it as Tutor Marked Assessment, which is an Assignment given to her student on a three different basis.

It is usually shortened by her students as TMA in categories of TMA1, TMA2 and TMA3.

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How To Partake in NOUN Tutor Marked Assessment.

In spite of her flexible nature, this great citadel of learning gives longer period for her students to  complete the three sets of tutor marked assessment before the end of each semester.

One amazing thing about this TMA taking is, each student can take his or her own test at any time of the day or can start his’ or hers’ any date that pleases them.

This is as a result of the institution believing and trusting that her students are all engaged in so many activities which helps them in life. So they won’t be a hindrance to them as they pursue their daily activities.

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In addition to the explanation above, student 1 can start his TMA today being 30th of October, 2022 while student 2 starts on the 31st of October, 2022.

Each of them will always look up to the closing date for the TMAs which may have been stated in the school’s semester calendar as 20th December, 2022.

There’s no penalty for their starting nor ending time.

How To Take in NOUN TMA.

Without being registered for the semester, you as a student will not be allowed to view the courses available for the semester not to talk about having your TMAs active for you to take.

Once you are duly registered for the semester, as soon as the portal  (elearn.nou.edu.ng) for TMA is open, you will be free to log in to the portal, using your matriculation number as username and password both in small letters.

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There are so many ways one can think of to take his or her test but this article will show you the simplest and easiest way to take your TMAs and score very high.


  1. Do your examination and course registration for the semester.
  2. Download all your course materials from e-Courseware
  3. Login to your elearn portal https://elearn.nouedu2.net/login/index.php and reset the password as always required by the institution every semester.
  4. Select dashboard to view all your courses for the semester.
  5. Choose a course to start with.
  6. Mark all the areas which will enable the opening of your TMA attempts.
  7. Click TMA 1.
  8. Select attempt quiz.

Then begin your attempt. Each of the TMAs carries ten (10) questions each summing up to thirty (30) marks for the three TMAs.

How to Search For NOUN TMA Answers.

As difficult as it may seen, mediangr,ng is her to assist you on easy ways you can take your tutor marked assessment and earn good grades.

First of all, open the course material for the course you have chosen to take, then click on attempt TMA quiz. Once the first question loads, highlight a keyword from the quiz and press control F in the tab where the course material is open.

Then paste the text you copied from the quiz tab and allow it to search. If the keyword you copy is very okay,  the search will show the answer to the question immediately.

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For those questions that are selected out of the course materials, use your google search to get the answers. Please note that these is very okay for questions that are out of search in the handout.

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