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How to Recover Your Gmail Password in 3 Minutes

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How to Recover Your Gmail Password in 3 Minutes
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How to Recover Gmail Password in 3 Minutes: Gmail is a recognized mailing platform powered by Google. It is usable all around the globe.

This platform is majorly used for sending mails, receiving emails and saving of essential files.

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How to Recover Gmail Password in 3 Minutes.

The human brain have more than a million function to exhibit on daily basis. So forgetting your password is something you need not to worry about.

If you loose your password, you can always retrieve it by following these amazing few steps in this article as a guide.

Remember, you need the phone number registered to your gmail account available for effective changing of the password.

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Steps on How to Recover Gmail Password.

There are different ways you can achieve this.

First of all, go to google search and search for gmail.com, then type in your email address. Then click the ‘Next’ option.

Once you do this, an empty box will appear for you to type in your password. Since you have forgotten your password, look below that empty box and click on the forget password link, made available by google for you.

If the forget password option is selected, you will be required to type in your old password. You can type in your phone number and click on the next option.

For security reasons, you will be directed to type in the phone number used in registering that particular gmail account.

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This is because, a code will be sent through SMS.

After typing in the phone number correctly, you have to check your phone for a verification code. Retrieve the code and type it in the blank space.

Once this is done, the following steps will be previewed for you to type in your desired password. This step will mandate you to type the new password and re-type for confirmation.

This is one of the steps and will not take longer than just three minutes to finish up.

Next step, you can tap on the settings option in your phone or device, then select google account, under the google account choose manage account.

The manage account provides codes for you to access your gmail account from any other device aside from your personal computer or phone.

Then on the search, where gmail.com is being open, select the use phone to access my mail option. A blank space to type in the code boldly written on your device will appear.

Transfer the code into the blank space and wait for the next step. After which you will be directed to change your password.

Note: You can also use the ‘Call’ option in place of text option. This means, you will give permissions to google to reach you by phone call.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I recover a forgotten email address:
Answer: Yes, you can. The process is similar to that of the password recovery but the difference is, you will have to provide all the names you used while creating the gmail account.

Here, instead of tapping on the recover password, you tap on the forgot mail. Then follow the other steps provided to recover your email address.

How long does it take a code to expire?

Answer: For security reasons, verification code sent to individuals, do not last for more than five minutes.
This is because, someone else may be trying to use your device at that moment which you may not be aware of.
On the long run, you may meet up with the person trying to access your gmail account.

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