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How to Save Candy Crush Saga Levels

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How to Save Candy Crush Levels
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How to Save Candy Crush Saga Levels: Candy Crush is an amazing game created and designed for all ages of individual around the globe.

This game is such a wonderful one that it eases the stress of the day off your shoulders when you retire for the day and wish to rest your head.

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How to Save Candy Crush Saga Levels.

Candy Crush Saga is made of so many levels, as the day go by, the inventors update the application from time to time on daily basis.

The importance of this updates is because, as you play the game on daily basis, you will not want it to end, you will always crave to soar higher through the levels.

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There are over ten thousand levels in Candy Crush Saga. Since July 2022, you can play 12,185 levels over 813 episodes if you’re playing the HTML5 version.

There are also ninety extra levels over six episodes for those playing the Windows 10 application version, which means there are 12,275 levels and 819 episodes as at the month of July 2022.

The highest level so far is number 12365 levels in 825 episodes.

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Categories of Candy Crush?

The game has different categories of levels, which are classified into the list below;

  • Candy Crush night
  • Candy Crush odus
  • Candy Crush saga night
  • Candy Crush odus fell down
  • Candy Crush owl gone
  • Candy Crush night mode
  • Candy Crush hard level
  • Candy Crush nightmarishly hard level

Those are different specifications of the game’s levels. Each of the level has its episode to conquer. You are expected to reach the goals available for each levels in order to earn your rewards.

A very beautiful thing about Candy Crush Saga, is that you earn rewards at the end of each episode. There are also other interesting things found under the events menu.

Steps on How to Save Candy Crush Saga Levels.

Here we come, you have passed so many exiting levels on your Candy Crush Saga what if you loose the data from your phone?

What if you change your mobile phone to a better one that you aspire to have. Saving your candy crush saga levels will be required.

This will prevent the need to start from level one down to the last level which you played in a different device.

To save your candy crush saga levels, tap on my account. This is usually at the bottom of the level you are playing.

Select log in with either your Facebook account or your google account. With this, your picture automatically appears as the player in that level.

Choose create account, as you will have to create a ‘King account’ with the two handles you earlier selected.

After a successful creation, you will have your data saved from time to time as you go on chilling and swiping on each level.

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