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Walking can increase our sense of connectedness with the earth and motivation to take climate action, which might be an important aspect of your well-being.
This is the third and final episode of our special series, Climate, Hope & Science. We explore the intersection of environmental well-being and our own well-being, where taking care of ourselves and the planet are one in the same and feeling good is not only possible, it’s helpful. We find the links between crisis, hope, happiness, and action.

Look for another climate-focused Happiness Break on May 18th.

Episode summary:

Musician and activist Diana Gameros tries leaving her car at home and walking instead of driving for three days. We hear what was challenging about her experience, and why in the end, she loved it. Incorporating small climate actions into our daily life can strengthen our relationship with the earth and inspire us to take better care of it. Later, climate scientist Patrick Gonzalez breaks down the actual climate impact of one person choosing not to drive for a day. (It’s more than you’d think.) Finally, we learn how to reimagine our relationship to the environment from Dr. Yuria Celidwen, an expert in Indigenous contemplative practices and sciences, and what we — and the planet — might gain from bridging Western and Indigenous worldviews.

Today’s guests:

  1. Avoid driving for one day out of the week. Instead, walk and take public transportation.

  2. Try to avoid using your phone while getting around. Instead, observe the environment around you and how you engage with it. Notice as much as you can about your neighborhood. Pay attention to how you feel when you walk versus drive.

  3. Think about how you can incorporate other small actions in your daily life to help the planet.

Diana Gameros is a musician and social activist. Her music is informed by themes like identity, language, culture and her experience as an immigrant.

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Patrick Gonzalez is a climate scientist and forest ecologist at UC Berkeley. His work inspired numerous policy changes focused on forestry protections around the world.

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Dr. Yuria Celidwen is an Indigenous scholar whose work focuses on Indigenous contemplative traditions and advocating for the rights of Indigenous peoples and lands.

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More Resources on Climate Action:

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