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How to Turn Off Active Status on Your Social Handles

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How to Turn Off Active Mode on Your Social Handles
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How to Turn Off Active Status on Your Social Handles: Putting off your active mode on social handles does not deactivate you in any way.

This is simply reducing unwanted kind of distractions and also giving people who you don’t feel like talking to at the moment a break.

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How to Turn Off Active Status on Your Social Handles.

Kindly follow the details in this article to get more knowledge on the usefulness of turning your social media handles active mode off.

If you are the type that prefer less talks, you will like to leave so many messages unread till when you feel it is okay to open them and go through them properly.

How to Turn Off Active Status Mode on Facebook.

Facebook is one of the top most used social media application world wide. It is free to sign up and create your profile here.

Most times, you may want to check on just notifications, news feed, reels on Facebook, Facebook Watch, Facebook market place without the intention of chatting with any body.

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To turn your active mod off in order to get only notifications, go to messenger and select status, this will display a small tiny green circle.

Which signifies active status, tap on the green icon to turn off your active status.

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This is in no way stopping you from being active on Facebook but hiding the time you come online from your friends or contact list.

How to Turn Off Active Status Mode on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a private messenger which had end to end encryption of messages sent between or amongst different people.

Your data is not fetch out or seen publicly on WhatsApp. Why you may wish to turn off your active status mode on this application, maybe for reasons best known to you.

Meanwhile, the importance is because people will not get to see when you come online or go offline. Your profile details will be hidden.

Your display profile will also be hidden as well as your name taken off.

To successfully turn off the active status mode here, you can go to setting. Under settings, select ‘Privacy’ then choose ‘Nobody’ on all the questions directed to you as;

  • Last Seen?
  • Profile Photo?
  • About?
  • Status

Once you select the nobody as an option, your privacy is established. Next thing you have to do is to turn off read notifications.

This will make a send see messages sent, delivered but have not been opened to read. With this, you can decide who’s message you open to read and then reply.

This is also applicable to other social media handles. You only have to change the privacy settings

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