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I am currently working on updating the plans of two rooms in our house – the living room and the basement. Inspirational rooms from other designers inform me of the design decisions in these two spaces.

Today, I’m sharing seven of my favorite bedrooms and exactly what I love about each one.

I think it’s important to note that the best photos aren’t always the best. I’ve been involved in enough photography to know that when these featured spaces were photographed, the layout and design details would have changed to an extent. This ranking is helpful to keep in mind, especially when looking at professional slots like these. However, I think there is still a lot to learn and take away from these types of rooms. I hope you enjoy browsing through them!


Hugo Toro (shown above)

Beautiful architectural details aside, it’s the balance of restraint and unexpected colors that make this space elegant and casual at the same time.


Jason Arnold Interiors

It’s clear that every detail in this room has been carefully considered—the minimalist design, the high ceilings, and the relaxed nature of the design. It’s not just one thing that makes this room magical—it’s everything together.


Katarina Rulinskaya

This is my favorite room of 2022. So what, it’s so fun – like you can slowly flop down on the sofa in the living room – while it’s uplifting and chic. The magic of this room is in the combination of old and new styles, and the presence of open spaces allows the architectural details to sing. This design is my mountain star when it comes to protecting the rest of our home.


Billy Cotton

I love that this room is elegant but not cookie-cutter. It was done with deliberate restraint. I love the strong, feminine ruffle on the two chairs, especially given its placement alongside the simple nature of the rest of the design. I love the scale of the bag pattern and I love how the gallery wall defines the seating area. In addition, the large green arrangement is amazing; it’s simple and affecting in the best way.


Danielle Frankel Studio | Design: Augusta Hoffman

This room is my second favorite (even though *technically* it’s a designer room). The design showed the importance of scale when it came to choosing pieces for the space; a number of pieces of furniture, lighting, and large plants work together. Although the arrangement itself is not practical, it makes me rethink my preference for traditional seating arrangements. I’ve never been a big fan of angular furniture but this has made me rethink everything.


Peter Muller

This room represents open concept living at it’s best. I love that while this is a really modern space, it’s based on a really nice red rug. These traditional types of furniture often fall into the background but here, the bed is the anchor for the entire living space. The design of the whole house is something I would like to do one day in the same way – maybe in the modern house of my dreams.


Sara Ruffin Costello

Photo from Paul Costello for The New York Times Style Magazine

What I love most about this room is that it turns on its head. A ping-pong table in the common room? Of course, why not. This room reminds me that play can work anywhere and beautiful at one time. Although this is the dining room of the house, its design is reminiscent of a living room so it gets a spot here on this list.

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