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In the world of design makeovers, one of the aspects that is not covered very often is the cost, which is, of course, an important part of any project. I want to start sharing the cost of each room that I have remodeled in our home. My hope is that this will shed some light on the true cost of design and help inform any design decisions you are looking to make in your own home. The first in this series is the main bedroom.

In today’s post, I’m breaking down the exact cost of our master bedroom and sharing more information about our design process.

How did you break down your bathroom remodeling process?

This home has been systematically remodeled over the past two years. We moved into this house in May 2020 and did not touch the space for the first six months we lived here. Here’s a high-level breakdown of the process:

  • In November 2020, we did the walls (under the seat rail) and the ceiling, put up wallpaper, and now have overhead lighting.
  • In April 2021, we added a bed linena suitor, a new clothesand a new night station.
  • In January 2022, we removed the night station in favor of the old way which gave higher access and security.
  • In March 2022, we replaced the cane board that is much more durable for our busy kids and dogs. (Those notes and styles gave us something to hang on to, which is part of why this decision made so much sense to us.)

When designing a bedroom, where are you willing to spend more and where are you willing to spend less?

Deciding how to budget for any renovation is a personal decision. First, I think it’s important to keep comfort in mind, especially in a space like the bedroom where we all spend a lot of time.

In terms of general guidelines, I would recommend spending a little more (depending on personal budget) on the mattress and bed, to allow for maximum comfort when you sleep. I recommend that you spend less money on your nightstand, mattress and lighting. Although you can expand on these areas, I think there are many options for quality pieces at low prices. I’m very passionate about buying solid wood furniture, which is what we did for some of the pieces in this space.

If you’re painting and/or adding wallpaper, you’ll also want to make a choice about whether you want to hire a professional or do it yourself. We chose the former in this case. It’s an expensive decision but it’s worth it to do it right (and not spend time doing it ourselves).

Were there any unexpected costs that came up during the planning process?

For the most part, this is a pretty cut and dry job! There were no major surprises on our end, apart from occasional delays due to supply chain issues. Our painter also found old nests in our wall, which had spread over time, cracking the plaster. He fixed this before painting and understanding the wallpaper.

My goal for this room was to create a calm space that also had a personal feel. The finished room is familiar and unique to us, in the best way.

What is your favorite thing in the room?

After living in this space for a while, my favorite thing is Our mattress is very comfortable and our bed. And I love everything about this one-of-a-kind nightclub. I love the colors of wood, hardware, marble surfaces, and the amount of storage they provide.

My goal for this room was to create a calm space that also had a personal feel. The finished room is familiar and unique to us, in the best way.

Master Bedroom Design

Below, I put how much stock and materials currently in the space cost, as well as the cost of installing certain items. These were added at various times over the past two years. Some of its prices are estimated (as ~), because I have no other record of its prices.

Given that the design is part of my work for Wit & Delight, some of the parts in this space were donated to me by the brand as part of the sponsorship, which is listed in the list. I think it’s also good to keep in mind that any salary will vary depending on the scope of your work and who you hire.



Paint, wallpaper, etc.: ~$3,500
The artist performs all the tasks listed below. The above figures are small as they are compiled from invoices and many other services.

  • Custom colors and woodwork colors are available
  • Prep and paint the ceiling
  • Paint the bottom of the crown molding to match the woodwork
  • Prepare and paint the wall under the seat rail
  • Crack repairs, large holes/nesting holes available
  • Fix the hole where the phone cover and plug are
  • Cover the walls for new wallpaper
  • Upload a new wallpaper

Replace ceiling light: ~$75

Cost: $19,439

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