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IPoB denies executioner charges trending on social media platforms

by James
THE Indigenous People of Biafra, IPoB
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THE Indigenous People of Biafra, IPoB yesterday denied a suspected executioner making headlines on social media, saying she was neither a member of the IPoB nor a member of the Eastern Security Network (ESN).
The group has accused the federal government, the Nigerian military, and other security agencies in what it calls the latest “Nollywood” film released for discrediting them and her ESN.

A statement by Emma Powerful, IPoB media and spokeswoman, IPoB, said, among others: IPoB has stopped recruiting ESN staff since 2020 before our head formally launched her ESN in December 2020. There have been no new recruitments for her ESN staff since inception. IPoB has announced many times through Radio Biafra, press releases and other media that it has stopped recruiting new staff at ESN.

“As media and spokesperson for IPoB, I have written several press releases to inform the public and those who may be concerned that ESN does not have a camp in Enugu Ezike.

More so, Mazi Chinasa Nworu has stated in several Radio Biafra programs hosted by Mazi Chinedu Jonathan that ESN does not have a camp in Enugu Ezique, Enugu State. Everyone in Igboeze North and South knows very well that they do not have any camp in their locality.

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“The caricature of a so-called female executioner, if real, is the result of a girl working with collaborators in the Nigerian government in Enugu Ezike. It clearly indicates that you are impersonating an ESN.
A quick look at the haired executioner in question will tell the discerning mind all they need to know.
IPoB rejects any attempt to do so through collaborators sponsored by the Government of Nigeria.

“The Nigerian government should know by now that it cannot be intimidated or intimidated by a ‘Nollywood’ movie starring IPoB, because IPoB is very predictable and can

“We have always insisted that ESNs created by IPoB leaders were not involved in any form of crime. They are trained and dedicated men and women who volunteer to protect their country from terrorists who pretend to invade forests and fields. They protect our people and do not harm them.

The IPoB and ESN generally abhor crime in all its forms, but especially in our territories. Crime is not on our agenda. It must be achieved by the grace of Almighty God, Chukwu Okike Abiama, our sole purpose is to bring the people of Biafra through a peaceful and universally recognized democratic process called a referendum. It is to ensure that freedom is achieved.

“Therefore, we conclude that anyone linking the IPoB and the ESN to any form of crime must be under the influence of drugs or simply making dirty threats to the Nigerian government.

The IPoB concludes that their We will not yield to intimidation or propaganda by our sponsors, we have come a long way and we will not be sidetracked by cheap threats in this wake-up call to restore Biafra’s sovereignty.”

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