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Labour Party Boast of Redefined Governance in Nigeria if Elected President

by James
Mr. Peter Obi
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The election of Labor Party (LP) presidential candidate Peter Obi will redefine Nigerian governance, the party’s national women’s leader Dudu Manuga said in Gombe on Friday.

Manuga told Newsman that Obi remained the most qualified candidate to meet Nigerian expectations. It has become the best candidate for Nigerians to trust in their election day ballots.

She said Obi was governor of Anambra for two years, a successful entrepreneur and banker, and a leader with the perfect international business background to be elected president to make Nigeria better.

“Peter Obi’s growing popularity among young people and women stems from their belief that he will bring a new narrative to the reign of reshaping the nation for the benefit of the people.” I’m here.

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“Obi will not disappoint the Nigerians if elected because she is capable, trustworthy and has the integrity to lead the country to greatness,” she said. As leader, she and her team worked to mobilize more women and use their power in numbers to ensure Obi’s victory. We have the ability to give birth.We are pregnant and have carried a new Nigerian among us.

“We will give birth soon, but we are not yet ready for stillbirth or miscarriage.

“The power we need to give birth is a Permanent Voter Card (PVC) marked ‘Peter’s Victory Card.’

Manuga appealed to women and young people to collect PVC before the INEC deadline and ensure a wise vote by voting for Obi.

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