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Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys Combination for Business Owners

by James
Powerful Microsoft Excel Shortcuts for Business Owners
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Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys Combination for Business Owners: There are some powerful key combinations in Microsoft Excel that will amaze you.

These keys are very unique in there own way as they tend to ease those multiple choices of task you have to pass through to get things done in Microsoft Excel.

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Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys Combination for Business Owners.

This article is your best guide on how to use these powerful Microsoft Excel Shortcut keys easily and profitably for business owners.

Considering these keys will aid all business owners activities comfortably. Below are list of wonderful key combinations that can be use Microsoft in Excel.

As a business owner, you have to learn the basics and quick tricks using the list of Microsoft Excel shortcut keys that will be displayed hereafter.

Instead of working through the long routes, you can easily learn and master these keys for quick jobs and efficiency in your workings.

List of Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys Combination for Business Owners.

Follow the key combinations just as they are listed to get things right.

  1. Ctrl + C: stands for copy
  2. Ctrl + V is for pasting
  3. Ctrl + B: makes your text bold
  4. Ctrl + I: To italicize and make
  5. Ctrl + N: this is use to create or open a new workbook on Excel.
  6. Ctrl + O: is use to open an already saved workbook
  7. Ctrl + S: this opens the save option. With this key combinations, you can save your spreadsheet/workbook.
  8. Ctrl + W: After a work done, you can use this two keys to close that current workbook.
  9. Ctrl + F4: is use to close Excel
  10. Ctrl + PageDown: Moves your cursor to the next sheet.
  11. Ctrl + PageUp: Moves the cursor to the previous sheet.
  12. Alt + A: takes you quickly to the Data tab.
  13. Alt + W: opens the View tab.
  14. Alt + M: takes you to the Formula tab
  15. Ctrl + P: Opens the print dialogue.
  16. F2: This is use to edit a cell
  17. Alt + H + B is use to add a border to cells.
  18. Ctrl + Shift + _: This removes the border added to cells.
  19. Ctrl + F is use to find or search for something.
  20. Ctrl + H: this is use to find and replace an item.

These are some amazing shortcut keys that i strongly advice all business owners to take note of them, learn and practice them.

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