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A-Z Microsoft Word Terms and Their Meanings

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A-Z Microsoft Word Terms and Their Meanings
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A-Z Microsoft Word Terms and Their Meanings: Microsoft word is a software use for various activities such as typing, editing, painting, formatting, styling, retrieving and storing of documents.

Microsoft word is an operating application that is valued in many organizations for its adequacy and aids for office working.

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Microsoft Word Terms and Their Meanings.

This article entails practically all the most important terms of Microsoft Word and their meanings. Carefully go through this content for more knowledge and guide to use Microsoft Word.

  1. Alignment Tools:

    The alignment tools in Microsoft Word are four useful tools which include the right alignment, left alignment, center alignment and the justified alignment.

    This refers to the position of lines in a paragraph in relation to the documents left and right margins.

  2. Clip Art:

    The clip art is pre-designed images that can be placed within a document. They are usually editable from the normal template seen initially.

  3. Font:

    Font is a style or type face of the appearance of texts such as; Times New Roman, Arial, Tahoma e.t.c. They are set of all characters available in one type face and size which can be changed at intervals.

  4. Format Painter:

    The format painter enables you to copy the formatting of one word or a paragraph and apply it to another word or paragraph by simply placing your cursor in-between the text you want to copy from and selecting the format painter, allowing the brush to brush through the other text or paragraph.

  5. Insertion Point:

    This is the point at which the cursor is blinking on the document screen.

  6. Word Art:

    Word Art is a effect that can be used to manipulate a text, it is usually a template designed already for text editing. Every text typed inside of a chosen word art appears in the format the art has initially.

How to Insert and Edit Tables in Microsoft Word.

To insert tables in Microsoft Word, go to the insert menu at the top edge of your screen view, select tables and fill out the number of rows and columns you need for your task.

In order ti split tables in Microsoft Word, press hold on your control plus shift plus enter key (Ctrl + Shift + Enter) or place your cursor on the need area and go to layout, then click on split tables.

In cases of wrongly split tables, just press the delete key to join the tables together once again.

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How to Make Moving Tables in Microsoft Word.

Moving tables are easily manipulated and can be moved from one position to another as quick as possible than the inserted tables.

To make out moving tables, insert your tables inside a text box i.e not the text box found under shapes.

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