My favorite color combination in the interior

Our March theme at Wit & Delight is about the joy of decorating with color. Some of the questions I often hear from readers revolve around how to choose colors and How to know which colors work well together.

The color combinations I’m sharing today can be applied in a wide range of ways with wall colors or displayed very little in decor or furniture. If you are not satisfied with the design of the room but you are not ready to start from scratch, consider bringing color in a small way through the decor. It can be a useful way to get yourself “unstoppable” in the planning process. Changing your home’s color palette a little in a new way can bring warmth and beauty in an approachable way.

Before we dive into my favorite color combinations, I want to share a note on real items.

Determining the color palette to bring into the home through color and decor is a helpful place to start when working on your design. But if you think about these colors in space, you are doing yourself a disservice. It also helps to consider the colors of existing things that won’t change—whether it’s the color of a house, the color of a trim, or the color of a light fixture. When you consider the room as a whole, the final result will be something you will like.

Here are nine of my favorite bedroom color combinations…

For an in-depth look at how to use color theory to determine your home’s color palette, read this blog.

Mix and match colors

1. Red and Green Tomatoes

We have an entire room in our house dedicated to this color palette. You can read more about why I chose this color palette for our family home on this blog.

2. Baby Pink and Hunter Green

This is a recognizable color combination (think walking through a rose garden) that feels fresh and fresh when used in a decor scheme.

3. Burgundy and Light Yellow

What I really like about this color combination is how familiar it is. What I mean by this is that burgundy and light yellow (shown below in the bathroom on the wall) remind of the contrast between black and white, in a way that – feel rich and deep.

Analogue color combination

4. Cold pink and Tomato Red

In theory, the combination of pink and red can be reminiscent of Valentine’s Day. However, if you use a good pink and a red tomato that is different in tone, the result will be fresh.

5. Hunter Green and Baby Blue

This is one of my favorite color combinations. I like to use hunter green as a floor color instead of a neutral color like black or brown.

6. Brown and brown

This is a combination of clay, autumn, beautiful colors. In the example shown below, the combination of pink and red has been dyed to a beige pink combined with the brown color of the wood. The result is a warm and cozy environment.

Esme HotelCreated by Created by Jessica SchusterPhoto from Christian Harder from EngineSpace

A color combination that brings people together

7. Cerulean Blue and cream

Lucy Williams features this palette in her kitchen (shown below) and perfectly in her living room, paired with a mustard gold sofa. You can walk around his whole house Here.

8. Ocher and Grey

This is a neutral color combination that has an approachable feel, as shown below with the gray and ocher bench. Ocher combined with warm woods such as white oak is also an incredible combination.

9. Olive Green and Brown

This is an approachable color combination that draws its inspiration from nature. The real flavor happens when you play the depth of brown and green colors. Using dark greens will enhance the brown color while using light greens will create unexpected and fresh contrasts.

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