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Nigeria Police Force PRO debunk rumoured planned strike

by James
Nigeria Police Force Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi
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LAGOS: The Nigeria Police Force PRO, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, has debunked the rumoured planned strike action of the members of police across the nation.

Adejobi said it was inappropriate to protest or strike, apparently responding to reports by online news platform SaharaReporters that Lagos police officers were planning mass protests over six months of unpaid arrears. said it is possible.

According to the online platform, only grade 03, grade 04, grade 05, grade 06 and some of his grade 07 were paid in arrears. The only grades that were not paid are from grade 08, 09, 10 and 11. However, as four months arrears were duly paid as from the Ass. Commissioners of Police to Inspector-General of Police.

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“Last week, we began paying but was halted on Tuesday, January, 2023. It’s quiet everywhere and no one can say that’s what caused it,” the source claimed. The report added that another senior police officer (whose name was not disclosed) said: police inspectors who failed to collect six months of arrears have set up a WhatsApp group to collect numbers for Monday’s protests in Lagos.

“It’s now been two weeks and no word from the police authorities about the delay, and police are threatening to protest. The IGP therefore called all squadron commanders for retraining, but it was a warning.

Force PRO Adejobi debunked this in a series of tweets on Saturday stating:

“Police Force is not a labour union or group where its personnel meet and deliberate on protest or strike. It’s not possible. We know and are aware of some ‘don’ts’ in the NPF being a regimental organisation. There is a particular news platform whose name sounds like or resembles a desert that will always want to steer up the NPF and our nation with its fake news, unfounded points, unguided arguments, and fallacies. We are disciplined in the police and uphold our ethics and sanctify of traditions and doctrines.”

“Thank you for the improved welfare and service conditions under the current government. This is unprecedented and we are sure there will be more treats for police officials to come in as soon as possible.

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