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NOUN Part-Payment of School Fees Guidelines for Students

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NOUN Part-Payment of School Fees Guidelines for Students
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NOUN Part-Payment of School Fees Guidelines for Students: The National Open University of Nigeria accepts part-payment from her students too.

The institution is well pleased to allow her students pay fees on installment till when they have enough  money.

NOUN Part-Payment of School Fees Guidelines for Students.

People are in doubt how possible it is for a distant learning institution to permit payment of school fees in part.

This article explains all possible means for this to occur and how effective it has been to the students of the NOUN.

NOUN Part-Payment of School Fees Guideline.

NOUN has handbook for each faculty of the school, this enables all her student take note of the available courses for each semester.

This is in combination with the credit unit each student of different faculties and department have to pass before they are due for graduation.

If you are a student of the National Open University of Nigeria, you are advised to download the handbook for your faculty.

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It will enable you to have ideas on the courses you have to register in a new semester. With this, you will be able to know the cost for your fees come new semester.

Why, because each of the courses available in the departmental handbook carries the credit unit for that particular course.

This directly tells you the amount required for payment for that course.

How To Pay NOUN Part-Payment of School Fees.

As the school made two  credit unit courses to be 3000 naira for both course and examination registrations, while three credit unit courses are registered for the cost of 3500 naira.

If you are smart enough to get the calculations right, you will get to know the amount you have to pay before semester registrations begins.

Note: Each semester registration for new intake students cost thirty thousand naira, while registrations for all old students cost eighteen thousand naira per semester.

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NOUN is a unique federal university which accepts any amount of payment into her portal before the closing date for completion of school fee.

This is available for students in order not to spend the available cash at hand on other things which may not be necessary at the moment.

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With this, each student will pay bit by bit into their student wallet till they have the complete amount for the semester.

Guide on How To Pay NOUN Part-Payment of School Fees.

Firstly, you have to generate remita for the available cash at hand from the school portal, then pay online or at any commercial bank branch.

Get the invoice and proof of payment documented. Wait till any time he or she gets another money then pay again into the personal wallet.

This has been very helpful students as pay into their portals at anytime which saves them from accumulation of debts.

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