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NOUN Virtual Exam Tips & Requirements For Undergraduates

by James
NOUN Virtual Exam Tips & Requirements For Undergraduates
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NOUN Virtual Exam Tips & Requirements For Undergraduates: The National Open University of Nigeria has included virtual exam in their system of Education.

This has been so interesting as her student find it very flexible to write their exams from any location within the specified time for the scheduled examination.

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NOUN Virtual Exam Tips & Requirements For Undergraduates.

This article carries all the information you will be needing for the application and also how to partake in NOUN virtual examination.

Having seen the situation of the country and also the schedules one may have on daily basis will require the need to opt for NOUN virtual exam.

NOUN Virtual Exam Tips & Requirements.

Virtual exam is an online examination which requires video, screen recording and also microphone shares among or between members associated with it.

Before a student will partake in this virtual examination, he or she have to apply through the school portal https://deavirtual.nou.edu.ng/ only when the demand for this application is ongoing,

To be qualified for NOUN virtual exam, you have to be a student of NOUN first, have quality and influential reasons why you wish to apply for it.

Your reasons may include your health conditions, job opportunities, vacations or other preventive incidence hindering you from being available for the physical examination.

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NOUN Virtual Exam Tips.

The National Open University of Nigeria in its flexible concept of distant learning is glad to have created this opportunity as it will aid the reduction of number students missing their examination.

There are valuable tips to make it in this kind of examination. Below are the list of tips for a successful virtual examination in NOUN.

  1. Get a good laptop.
  2. Make sure your network is stable and always available.
  3. Install Mettl Proctoring and Mettl Tests: Enable screen sharing
  4. Enable your system microphone.
  5. Enable screen recording share.
  6. Activate video conferencing.
  7. Focus more on your system than looking away or sideways.
  8. Do not talk aloud to avoid disqualification.
  9. Avoid navigation from tabs to any program on your system.
  10. Your two hands should be visible at all cost.

NOUN Virtual Exam Requirements.

Now that you have known the tips for NOUN virtual examination, it is up to you to decide which pattern of examination is best for you as a student of NOUN.

If you wish to partake in this type of examination, read the list of NOUN virtual exam requirements below;

  1. International Passport.
  2. Present country Visa page.
  3. Present Country Mobile Number.
  4. Valid Hospital Documents that indicate why you will not be at the physical exam venue.
  5. Valid Evidence you are going to be away from your study centre
  6. Location based on national assignment.

You must have a scanned copy of all those documents on the requirement list before submitting your application.

Note that you can only apply once with your matriculation number.

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