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Steps on How to Submit NOUN Project

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Steps on How to Submit NOUN Project
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Steps on How to Submit NOUN Project: Project is a set of inputs and outputs expected at the end of a task to achieve a goal.

Projects can be done by either students in secondary school and even in higher institutions.  When given to a student to fulfill, it needs follow up by a supervisor.

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Steps on How to Submit NOUN Project.

This articles carries all information you need on how to submit your project in the National Open University of Nigeria.

There are basic steps you will have to take for a successful project submission be it a mini or semi project, major project, undergraduate’s project, master’s project or even doctorate project.

Project usually have at least five quality chapters well studied and examined. There are also things to observe while writing a project.

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Below are things to put into consideration as you write your project.

  1. Providing a situation
    As a student, you have to provide a good topic which your supervisor will examine at ease and is also beneficial to the society at large.
  2. Choosing and purposing the Project
    You are expected to choose a field to study on.
  3.  Planning of the Project
    Planning of the project should be your priority else you will end up not completing your work or doing a rough work at the end of the day.
  4.  Executing the Project
    Always give your project supervisor the time to go through your work in order to keep you on the right track.
  5. Evaluation of the Project
    Before your project supervisor evaluate or rate your project, weigh your project by yourself or with other students of higher level to know the worth of your work.
  6. Recording of the Project
    Ensure to keep records of all working done for your project. This is very necessary as there may be need for your past exercise in the future for further study.

How to Submit NOUN Project.

If you have done the required registration for project in NOUN from the student portal, the next step you have to consider is submitting your selected project topic to the dean of your faculty.

Then await for the assignment of a project supervisor to you. With a project supervisor, you will follow through the directions on how to go about with the topics you have choose.

Your supervisor is in the best position to decide a perfect topic for you in NOUN. If this is done, you will have to go to https://mylearningspace.nouedu2.net and log in with the username and password provided for you by the school.

Click on the submit project to have your file uploaded to the portal. The school’s management for project will check on your work for confirmation and further evaluation before you can be have a grade for it..

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