The best crystals for the heart chakra + how to use them

Whether you’re looking to boost your self-love, heal from the heartbreak of a past love, or brighten your heart to invite new love, we have some suggestions and the best crystals for heart chakra healing to help you hand in your time. way.

What are chakras?

According to the ancient Tantric tradition of Hinduism, chakras are considered to be energy centers in the body that map along the spine. Many traditions have combined chakra meditation and practice, which often involves awakening, improving or learning to control energy through a combination of breath, movement, or meditation.

In Hindu culture, there is the seven main chakras, or energy points, which starts at the tailbone and ends at the crown of the head. Each is said to have certain properties or control certain states of energy in the body, mind, and spirit. It is thought that learning to work with them will help in improving the state of well-being.

Crystals for the heart chakra + how to use them

What is the heart chakra?

Place: Heart area
Mixed colors: green leaf
Mark: 12-petalled lotus flower
The sound of shaking:F
Yoga is useful: standing camel, spear on back, cloth

One of these main points is the heart chakra, or mosquito chakra. It is described as a concentrated band of energy around the center of the heart, which governs our feelings and experiences related to the heart, such as love, compassion, trust, empathy, and the ability to forgive. It is also believed to govern health conditions related to the heart, lungs, heart, and arms, as well as circulation throughout the body.

When heart chakra opens and balances and pranalife force, moving without hindrance:

– We can give and take love in a healthy way.

– We have strong feelings self love.

– We are opened to friends, close family, and other romantic relationships.

– We are there get over past painangry, or sad, but forgiving and compassionate.

Signs of heart chakra blockage

Blockages in this chakra are often caused by heartbreak or other difficult or stressful situations. We may find ourselves withdrawing or withdrawing from others and may often feel judgmental, angry, or emotional. Over time, this barrier can look like a brick wall.

And while it may seem like it offers protection, that obstacles also block our opportunities for joy, connection, and happiness. An open and balanced heart chakra is not trusting and irrational, but it is soft enough to allow love, in all its forms, to flow in and shine forth.

Crystals for the heart chakra + how to use them

The best crystal for the Heart Chakra

One way to access and create healing around the heart chakra is through using crystals. Crystals have been used for a long time treatmentand according to crystal therapists, each person has his own unique structural vibration, which can fall into relationships and balance our energy.

There are a few different ways to use crystals for opening or balance the heart chakra:

— Some healers recommend using green crystalas the color vibration corresponds to that of the heart chakra

– Others are moving forward individual energy of crystals and mineralswhich falls under different colors and designs.

Whether you want to boost your self-love, heal from the heartbreak of a past love, or brighten your heart to invite new love, we have some suggestions that The best crystal to help you on your way. As always, we support and you Clean your crystal before using them, set goals, and connect your energy with your stones before asking them to work for you.

Heart Chakra crystal

1. Green Jade

Not only is green jade considered an auspicious stone to wear feng shui, as it is said to strengthen the life force, but is often used to balance energy. Green jade is said to be lighter than yin, which is a gentle and calming energy that can be good for TLC.

Dark green is thought to be more yang, energizing and can help with taking risks, finding courage, and taking action. Jade is used to encourage purity of heart, strengthen connections (family, friends, partners), and tap into the wisdom of your heart.

2. Rhodochrosite

A very comforting pink stone, rhodochrosite is used to deepen self-love, heal emotional wounds, overcome past pain, and open the heart after deep blockages. It is also a soothing stone to use when you are going through a difficult emotional conflict.

3. Rhodonite

This purple colored (often used or black) crystal is a powerful choice for finding emotional balance and peace, controlling emotional energy, helping us a hand to act with compassion, and to find love to overcome difficult problems.

It is expected therapeutic help from the addition of problems but can also help us to feel our relationship with others and to live with more kindness and grace.

4. Rose Quartz

Known as the successor of all heart chakra stones, soft pink rose quartz helps to strengthen the heart. promotes love, compassion and forgiveness. It also strengthens the heart and prepares us for accepting new love.

Great for opening, healing, improving, and expanding, this self-healing crystal can open the door to new or new love because you’ve done the work needed to make room for things to come.

5. Green Aventurine

This translucent green crystal helps us overcome negative relationships and is protected increase love luck. Green aventurine is also used in crystal healing to reduce emotional stress, negative thought processes, and rumination. If you’re in over your head when it comes to the heart, this is your stone.

6. Malachite

This wonderful stone encourages us to take risks and gives us something courage to open up to love and try new things. Long used by healers for protection and guidance during their journeys, this crystal can help us gain the courage to follow our heart’s unique path – with some added protection and guidance.

Crystals for the heart chakra + how to use them

How to use crystals for the heart chakra

Once you have selected the crystals that you feel most called to work with, there are many different ways you can incorporate them into your day.

Wear them

I like to wear mine around the neck holding the stone at heart level when doing heart chakra healing work. In particular, I like to use mine crocheted necklace, which has a small net that allows me to access different crystals depending on my mood that day. You can also find many crystals that are commonly used as pendants, ready to be attached to your favorite chain.

If jewelry isn’t your thing but you have a box pocket on your shirt, drop your crystal in there so it’s close to the box. Another great tip I learned from a Reiki teacher is to just put your crystal in your bra for the day! No one will know it’s there but you.

Reflect with them

In meditation, you can focus on the color green, which is the color vibration of the heart, or visualize the symbol of the 12-petalled lotus.

For healing meditation, you can enjoy working with a round palm stone that is comfortable to hold as you sit for your session. They also work best when placed in the center of your chest as you lie down for dinner savasana (why not also listen to the crystal bowl playing in the key of F while you’re there?)

Use essential oils

We also like to use essential oils to support the chakras, especially those that make the heart chakra sing, such as Jasmine, roseor neroli. A happy chakra mix spreads as you meditate on the crystals or place them on your bedside table.


You can focus your yoga practice on that area that you want to open or balance. In this case, heart openers can help spread the face of the body, make energy circulate in the heart, and help us to feel wonderful.

Sound therapy

Some people like sound therapy, they sing or go for a sound bath or use a crystal bowl to listen to the vibrations that resonate at the same time as the chakra.

Whether you are looking for romantic connection, heart healing, or relationship support, try working with crystals to bring more peace, love, and understanding into this area of ​​your life.



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