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Top 10 Foods You Must Try in Nigeria

by James
Top 10 Foods You Must Try in Nigeria
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Top 10 Foods You Must Try in Nigeria: Nigeria have so many amazing recipes you may like to try whenever you come visiting or stay in Nigeria.

These foods can be contradictory in preparations but seem much mouthwatering to enjoy on daily basis. They do not make you feel tiresome in enjoying them regularly.

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Top 10 Foods You Must Try in Nigeria.

Well, this article will give you details of the top ten foods you will not want to miss from Nigeria, it will also discuss in full details their health benefits and the tribes that have them as their cultural meals.

List of Top 10 Foods You Must Try.

  1. Apu and Ukazi Soup
  2. Amala and Ewedu Soup
  3. Nigerian Jollof Rice
  4. Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup
  5. Eba and Uziza Soup
  6. Semo and White Soup
  7. Yam and Beans
  8. Roasted Yam and Sauce
  9. White Rice, Beans and Stew
  10. Semo and Draw Soup

Those are few meals mentioned up there. A lot of foods that you will find very interesting and difficult to select from. Imagine being present in an event and you have these list of meals to pick from, I bet you will find it difficult even though you had one special kind of meal in mind.

Their looks are so much enticing and well prepared kinds. The recipes are one in town which makes them taste so sweetly than you can ever imagine by mere staring on them.

1. Apu and Ukazi Soup:

Apu and Ukazi soup goes very well, the Igbo culture recognizes this meal as one special food for special events and celebrations.

Apu is literally known as fufu in English language. It is a processed version of cassava usually made out of freshly soaked cassava.

After it has been soaked for days, filtered and pressed out from water, smashed and then make in a big frying iron bowl by adding water bit by bit.

2. Amala and Ewedu:

Amala and Ewedu  is a meal well known by the Yoruba’s of Nigeria, it is mostly enjoyed when freshly prepared. This is when you will get all the flavors and aroma that may interest you.

It is prepared with clean and well dried yam, plantain or their peels while the soup is made with ewedu leaves which are super green and draw like in nature.

3. Nigerian Jollof Rice:

The Nigerian Jollof rice is popularly known as Nigeria party rice, it is being prepared with bay leaves or mint leaves. Mostly cooked on coal pots or firewood cooking.

The preparation is made like roasted rice which gives it an announcing aroma no matter the distance you find yourself in as much as you are around the party environs.

Nigerian Jollof Rice is not glued to any tribe of the nation as it is being cooked and garnished from all over the state of the country.

4. Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup:

Pounded yam is  made out of processed yam. The yam has to be neatly washed, soaked and boiled for easy pounding.

So many Nigerians enjoy pounded yam with different kinds of soup even though it goes so well with the Nigeria renowned egusi soup.

Egusi soup is made with melon and any fresh vegetable but mostly pumpkin leaves.

5.  Eba and Uziza Soup:

This meal is made mainly by the Igbos but can be enjoyed in any part of the country. The eba is achieved through processed cassava but a different method from Apu (fufu).

Uziza soup is made out of the most aroma filled vegetables which is literally known as peppermint leaves, it is usually made with a combination of egusi in it.

6. Semo and White Soup:

White soup is prepared with no red oil but taste super amazing. It is has this pepper-soup aroma and lots of assorted meats inside such as cow intestines, cow towels, liver e.t.c.

Semo is made when thoroughly whisked in hot water then served with white soup.

7. Yam and Beans:

One interesting food that is usually found in almost all the joints in Nigeria. It is a combination of beans cooked with yam well soaked in pure village red oil.

This is super good for the health and very nutritious.

8. Roasted Yam and Sauce:

Almost all the markets in Northern part of Nigeria prepares this usually a road side fast food. It can also be enjoyed in every home.

Just braze off the sand on the yam and place on fire to roast. This can be enjoyed with red oil sauce or just salt and red oil.

9. White Rice, Beans and Stew:

Three different preparations for just a meal. Smiles, this is not just a meal but an interesting one. After boiling your beans and rice separately, make stew and enjoy.

The taste is usually heavenly.

10. Semo and Draw Soup:

Nigeria draw soup can be made from just Okra, Ogbono, Ewedu and Ayoyo leaves. The combination of Okra and Ogbono is the most preferred of majority.

Though draw can be served with any type of fufu but it goes smoothly with semo.

Health Benefits of Top 10 Foods You Must Try in Nigeria.

  1. It strengthens you by giving you the energy you desire than taking drugs.
  2. It is a combination of Carbohydrates and Vegetables which we need to balance our diet.
  3. It carries the complete nutrient need for consumption from meals.
  4. It helps to regulate the movement of blood.
  5. It also improves the growth of humans.

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