Using Design Patterns: The May 2023 Issue

This May at Wit & Delight, we explore the many benefits of decorating with patterns at home.

Pattern is a design element that is sometimes considered secondary to its less decorative counterpart: color. But while color preferences are personal, I think pattern preferences are even Again employees. Conceptual design and space can provide a lot of richness, interest, depth, and emotion.

When we think of patterns, what comes to mind are often bold, graphic, eye-catching patterns. But there are patterns everywhere, in every size and in every color imaginable. Beauty and style are for everyone, and this month I’m here to convince you of that.

Decorating with patterns is a tool I have used throughout my home for years.

In our current home, the first room I set up in a big way was the library (which is now my office). When designing this room, I was inspired by all the nature around us and the materials of our home, which have a rich and textured feel. I was looking for a wallpaper pattern that would express our surroundings. I finally chose beautiful flower patterns which is associated with the color blue and woodwork. We stretched the wallpaper up to the ceiling, which makes me feel like I’m covered in flowers every time I’m outside. What attracts me to this pattern is the scale-small size that makes it read like a text from certain points, which brings more depth to the room.

I am going to put patterned wallpaper in our basement kitchen, great room, kids bathroom, kids room and guest room. But wallpaper is far from the only way people can add style to their home. Every place in the house is an opportunity to do that.

A thoughtful design and space can provide a lot of richness, interest, depth, and emotion.

Patterns can be added from base materials such as wallpaper, rugs, or flooring. I don’t use clothes graphic striped patternbed linen and rich Turkish motifsisal rugs with intricate woven patterns (like this sisal cloth in our family room and master bedroom), and Swedish kilim rug and happy pastel colors. It can be supplemented by a large space such as a sofa or a chair. It can be supplemented by accent pieces such as pillows, art and small decorations. In any given building, values ​​can be added in one or all of these ways. The sky’s the limit when it comes to bringing style into any space.

This month, I will share examples of how to use patterns in different applications and environments.

My goal with this article is to explain what it means to use patterns in the field of interior design. It is to help people understand what can be achieved by adding a little something to their own home.

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