Want a Really Good Sleep Experience? Invest in these pieces.

I am very important when it comes to sleep. In my twenties, I couldn’t have neglected my sleep, let alone the quality of my sheets. But now, approaching forty, having a great night’s rest is one of life’s simple pleasures. But if you want an incredible sleeping experience that transports you to a haven of comfort and luxury every evening, it is worth investing in the necessary components to make this dream come true. I recently donated these pieces from Scandia House, and let me tell you, it’s like sleeping in a five-star hotel room. Today, I’m sharing my guide to why they’re such an important part of a truly amazing sleep experience.

These books are worth investing in. If you are looking to buy yourself, register for a wedding, or you want to join others in investing, read on.


Lucerne Down Comforter

Want a Really Good Sleep Experience?  Invest in these pieces.  |  Knowledge & pleasure
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Northern winters require warmth, and this comforter packs a punch. The lightweight 650-watt bulb provides light and superior coverage all night long. And the intricate box lining ensures that the soil will be evenly distributed throughout the comforter, eliminating any cold spots that may occur during the night.

Options: Bergan is missing the comforter ($285-$428) – All the same features as the Lucerne, but filled with Scandia Supra-Cluster© microfiber!


Lucerne Down Pillow


This luxurious, shock-absorbing pillow provides the perfect balance between comfort and flexibility, allowing your neck and head to rest all night long for the perfect sleeping experience. I’m a back sleeper, so I chose medium density. The pillow is finished with a soft damask lining, which helps wick away moisture and improves ventilation to keep both sides of the pillow cool.

Options: Pillows without Bergen ($84-$110) – All the same features as the Lucerne, but with Scandia Supra-Cluster© microfiber filling.


Diamond Down Blanket

Want a Really Good Sleep Experience?  Invest in these pieces.  |  Knowledge & pleasure


I love a good comforter, but I want something easy to care for (ie, machine washable). The Scandia Down Blanket is filled with 600 fill power for superior insulation that helps keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Most importantly, you can wash the machine and wear it whenever you want without losing its quality or comfort.

Options: The bed frame can be turned ($221-$257) – this blanket will provide reliable warmth throughout the winter nights. It is also machine washable (on a low cycle) which makes it easy to keep clean.


Stresa Sateen Bedding (Duvet Cover, Flat Sheet, Matching Sheets, Pillow Case)


It’s been a long time since I’ve traveled, and even longer since I’ve stayed in a real hotel (usually for work!), but I’ve used the Stresa Sateen bed to bring me that luxury sleeping experience. house. Sleeping on a Scandia Home Stresa Sateen bed is a luxurious experience and worth the investment. The combination of 100% combed cotton yarn and double finished fabric creates an incredibly soft texture that feels like sleeping on a cloud. Not only is the fabric comfortable, but it can also be durable thanks to the fine hemstitch details that reflect Italian craftsmanship. A good bed can help you get a good night’s sleep, making it a good investment.

If you’re in the market for some new clothes and want to treat yourself, I recommend Scandia Home. Pieces of high quality and luxury. These pieces will transform your bedroom and give you an amazing sleeping experience. Go visit Scandia House today and improve your sleep experience.

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